Carroll College, Helena Montana

Security/Crime Alerts

Security Alerts

Carroll College releases Security Alerts to students, staff and faculty to advise of safety and security concerns. These alerts address unsafe situation or behaviors reported by Helena Police, Missouri River Drug Task Force, Securitas, or Student Life staff. Security alerts will be posted by campus email to All Employees and All Students email distribution lists and on the college's Student Life webpage.

Crime Alerts

Carroll College will issue a Campus Crime Alert to students, staff and faculty as a timely notification of crimes that may represent a serious or on-going threat to the campus community and to heighten safety awareness. The alert also seeks information that may lead to arrest and conviction of the offender when violent crimes against persons or substantial crimes against property have been reported. Crime Alerts typically include the following information:

  1. A succinct statement of the incident.
  2. Any connection to previous incidents.
  3. Physical description and/or composite drawing of the suspect, if appropriate.
  4. Date and time the bulletin Campus Crime Alert was released.
  5. Other relevant and important information.
  6. Appropriate safety tips.