Carroll College, Helena Montana

Phone/Email Directory

Phone Numbers

Vice President for Student Life
406.447.4530  Dr. Jim Hardwick, Vice President 
406.447.5457  Tammie Hilton, Administrative Assistant

406.447.4480  Athletics Main Phone
406.447.5479  Bruce Parker, Director
406.447.5413  Bennett MacIntyre, Associate Director/Saints Athletic Association bmacintyre@carroll.edu406.447.4480  Travis Brower, Office Manager,
406.447.4484  Steve Jones, Facilities Coordinator
406.447.5519  Nick Dietzen, Sports Information Director
406.447.5524  Brian Coble, Athletic Trainer
406.447.5524  Jake Ritter, Assistant Athletic Trainer
406.447.5518  David Thorvilson, Head Coach, Women's Soccer
406.447.4487  Maureen Boyle, Head Coach, Women's Volleyball
406.447.4485  Mike VanDiest, Head Coach, Football
406.447.4488  Nick Howlett, Assistant Coach, Football
406.447.4482  Jim Hogan, Assistant Coach, Football
406.447.4481  Mason Siddick, Assistant Coach, Football
406.447.4486  Dr. Carson Cunningham, Head Coach, Men's Basketball ccunningham@carroll.edu406.447.4489  Rachelle Sayers, Head Coach, Women's Basketball
406.447.4374  Bennett MacIntyre, Head Coach, Men's/Women's Golf
406.447.4486  Harry Clark, Head Coach, Men's/Women's Track and Field and Cross-Country
406.447.5452  Aaron Jackson, Head Coach, Softball, apjackson@carroll.edu406.447.TBA    Doug Mello, Head Coach, Men's Soccer

Campus Ministry
406.447.4338  Campus Ministry
406.447.4869  Fr. Marc Lenneman, College Chaplain/Director of Campus Ministry
406.447.4333  Dan Thies, Associate Director of Campus Ministry
406.447.4338  Katie Murray, Associate Director of Campus Ministry

Career Services and Testing
406.447.5532  Career Services and Testing
406.447.5530  Rosie Walsh, Director
406.447.5465  Nisan Burbridge, Internship Coordinator/Career Specialist

Community Living
406.447.4531  Community Living
406.447.4378  Maureen Ward, Director
406.447.5457  Tammie Hilton, Administrative Assistant thilton@carroll.edu406.447.4373  Maria Ochoa, Assistant Director, Guadalupe Hall
406.447.5509  Jacob Hanley, Assistant Director, St. Charles Hall jhanley@carroll.edu406.447.4379  Jackie Clawson, Assistant Director, Borromeo/Trinity Halls
406.459.0540  On-Call Staff

Counseling Services
406.447.5441  Counseling Services
406.447.5559  Dr. Mike Franklin, Director
406.447.4536  Megan Patrick-Thompson, Associate Director
406.447.TBA    Kyree Russ, Counselor
406.447.4524  Kelly Parsley, Sexual Safety/Wellness Educator
406.447.5441  Carol Anderson/Carmen McFerrin, Administrative Assistant

Dining Services

406.447.5195  Sodexho/Dining Services
406.447.5194  Linda Bahr, General Manager

Health Services
406.447.5439  Kerri Rigsby, RN, Director/Nurse
406.447.5441  Kathleen Trudnowski, RN, Nurse
406.447.5441  Carmen/Carol Anderson, Administrative Assistant /

406.447.4378  Maureen Ward, Director mward@carroll.edu406.447.4415  Tammie Hilton, Administrative Assistant

911                Emergency Services
406.457.5633  Security Patrol Officer
406.442.3233  Helena Police
406.443.5353  Friendship Center
406.444.2228  St. Peter's Hospital

Student Activities and Leadership
406.447.4380  Patrick Harris, Director
406.447.4307  Jackie Clawson, Assistant Director (Community Service)
406.447.5509  Jacob Hanley, Assistant Director (Program Board) jhanley@carroll.edu406.447.4373  Maria Ochoa (Intramurals)