Carroll College, Helena Montana

Student Life Departments

Welcome from Student Life!

The Mission of Student Life at Carroll College is to support and challenge students, within the context of living in community, to experience intentional student learning outside of the classroom that inspires the development of leadership and service to others.

Campus Ministry

Campus MinistryCampus Ministry offers daily liturgies, class retreats, campus retreats, Sunday Night Mass, fellowship opportunities, service trips, pilgrimages, peer ministry program, Bible studies, stations of the cross and rosaries. Campus Ministry seeks to serve both Catholic and non-Catholic students. Campus Ministry is located on 1st Main in St. Charles Hall.

Campus Ministry also serves as the college's connection to the Diocese of Helena and to the bishop of the Diocese of Helena. Each semester, Campus Ministry sponsors a question-and-answer session for Carroll students with Bishop George Leo Thomas at a local coffee shop.

For more information, contact Fr. Marc Lenneman, College Chaplain and Director of Campus Ministry at or 406.447.4860 or Dan Thies, Associate Director at

Career Services

Career ServicesCareer Services offers classes, workshops and individual appointments to address career interests, internships, employment opportunities, job hunting and graduate school opportunities. In addition, programs are offered on resume writing, application letters, interview strategies, graduate school applications and meal etiquette. Career Services and Testing is located on 1st East Borromeo Hall.

Career Services encourges students to start exploring career interests as freshmen. Internships and job-shadowing offer hands-on learning experiences about employment opportunities. Employers appreciate the opportunity to host college students as interns and pursue strong candidates for post-graduation employment. 

For more information, contact Rosie Walsh, Director of Career Services and Testing, at or 406.447.5530 or Nisan Burbridge, Career Services Specialist/Internship Coordinator at or 406.447.5465.

Community Living

Community Living offers student housing in both residence halls and apartments. First-year students traditionally live in either Our Lady of Guadalupe Hall (347 beds) or St. Charles Hall (260 beds). Sophomore students are housed in either St. Charles Hall, Borromeo Hall (50 beds) or in Trinity Hall (260 beds).  Juniors and seniors live in either Trinity Hall or the campus apartments--St. Matthew (48 beds) or St. Catherine of Siena (48 beds). Community Living is located in the Student Life Office suite on the second floor in O'Connell Hall. 

Community LivingCommunity Living is also responsible for administering the Carroll Code of Student Conduct for all students enrolled at the college. The Code of Student Conduct and conduct procedures can be found in the Carroll College Student Handbook--distributed to students at the beginning of each academic year--and on the college's website.

For more information, contact Maureen Ward, Director of Community Living, at or 406.447.5457.

Counseling Services

CounselingCounseling Services offers confidential personal and crisis counseling for students to help them achieve their academic and personal goals. Individual counseling sessions address issues such as stress/anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, academic concerns, sleep issues, alcohol and other drug use and suicide. Counseling Services is located in the Wellness Center on the ground floor of St. Joseph wing in Our Lady of Guadalupe Hall.

Counseling Services is able to provide referral to mental heatlhcare professionals in the Helena community for students who are in need of long-term counseling, psychiatric services, or the treatment of mental health issues with medication. As with all referrals to health care providers, billings for services are handled by the health care professional with the student's insurance provider.

For more information, contact Dr. Jim Rogers, Director of Counseling Services, at or 406.447.4536 or Kyrie Russ, Associate Director of Counseling Services, at or 406.447.5443.

Health Services

HEalthHealth Services offers confidential non-emergency  medical care to students to support their health and wellness. A registered nurse is available to help students with the flu, cold symptoms, upper respiratory issues, sore throat, pain, swelling, nausea, vomiting, health education, pregnancy and sexually transmitted illnesses. A nurse practitioner offers a weekly clinic for students who may need medical prescriptions called into a local pharmacy. Health Services is located in the Wellness Center on the ground floor of St. Joseph wing in Our Lady of Guadalupe Hall.

Health Services is able to provide referral to healthcare professionals, urgent care or the emergency room of St. Peter's Hospital for students who have injuries, broken bones, inflammation, pain, accidents, serious medical concerns and medical emergencies. As with all referrals to health care providers, billings for services are handled by the health care professional with the student's insurance provider.

For more information, contact Kerri Rigsby, RN, Director of Health Services, at or 406.447.5438.

Hunthausen Activity Center

The Hunthausen Activity Center is the newest addition to the Carroll College campus landscape. The facility will consist of a climbing tower, bouldering wall, outdoor recreation center, multi-purpose exercise rooms, gymnasium, cardiovascular equipment and weight equipment areas. The Hunthausen Activity Center is expected to open in Spring 2017.

Hunthausen Activity Center staff will provide leadership to the college's recreation, fitness and intramural programs. Students and employees will have the opportunity to participate in fitness classes, intramural sport, outdoor equipment rental, and individual use of cardiovascular and weight equipment. The inaugural year of the Hunthausen Activity Center will define program and facility offerings.

For more information, contact Patrick Harris, Director of Student Activities and Leadership, at or 406.447.4380 or Brad Maddock, Assistant Director of Student Activities and Leadership at or 406.447.5453,

Student Activities and Leadership

ActivitiesStudent Activities and Leadership supports student government, clubs and organizations, new student orientation, program board, room reservations for student club-sponsored events, student newspaper, lectures, and outdoor activities. Student Activities and Leadership coordinates campus-wide activities such as Welcome Week, Homecoming Week and Softball Weekend. Student Activities and Leadership is located in the lower level of the Campus Center in the hallway on the south side of All Saints Hall.

The Carroll Adventures and Mountaineering Program (CAMP) provides students with various opportunities to experience outdoor recreation activities. Mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, kayaking, river floats and overnight camping are a few of the activities coordinated by this group of wilderness-trained student leaders. 

For more information, contact Patrick Harris, Director of Student Activities and Leadership, at

Securitas/Campus Security

SecuritySecurity at Carroll College is contracted through Securitas, a private security company which also serves the State Capitol, Federal Reserve Bank and St. Peter's Hospital in Helena. Security officers patrol the campus from 3pm-7am. Parking patrol is maintained from 7am-3pm. Security questions are directed to the Student Life Office on the second floor of O'Connell Hall.

Security officers are available to contact Helena Police, Helena Fire or Ambulance when services are needed. Incidents are documented and reported to the Departments of Community Living, Facilities and the Vice President for Student Life. Incidents involving arrests are referred to Helena Police.

For more information, contact Maureen Ward, Director of Community Living, at  or 406.447.4378.

Sodexo/Dining Services

Dining ServicesDining services at Carroll College is contracted through Sodexo Campus Services. Sodexo provides campus dining in the St. Thomas Aquinas Commons (STAC) in the Campus Center, concessions in the PE Center and Nelson Stadium, Jazzman's coffee shop and Wholly Habernero in the Campus Center and a lunch cart in Simperman Hall. Students with dietary or nutrition concerns can work with Sodexo staff on campus for dietary accommodations or on-line with a corporate dietician for nutritional or allergy concerns. Sodexo is located on the east side of the dining hall in the Campus Center.

Sodexo provides monthly special events in the dining hall. In addition, Sodexo provides a late night breakfast during final exams week, an annual Super Bowl party, and delicious holiday meals. The dining hall is valued at Carroll for the social interaction as much as for participating in the meals.

For more information on meal plans, contact Maureen Ward, Director of Community Living, at For more information on nutrition and dietary needs, contact Steve Bourque, General Manager, Sodexo, at, 406.447.5194.

Student Handbook

The 2016-2017 Carroll College Student Handbook contains the rules, regulations and policies that establish the official parameters for student life at Carroll College. It is the student's responsibility to be aware of these expectations and conduct themselves accordingly as members of the Carroll College community. All the rules and regulations are in affect for students on and off the campus. Responsible behavior is expected of Carroll College students wherever they may be.

Student Handbook

Code of Student Conduct

The Carroll Code of Student Conduct applies to conduct that occurs on College premises and at College sponsored activities, and to off-campus conduct that adversely affects the College community or the pursuit of its objectives. Each students is responsible for his/her conduct from the time of application for admission through the actual awarding of a degree, even though conduct may occur before classes begin or after classes end, as well as during the entire academic year and during periods between terms of actual enrollment (and even if their conduct is not discovered until after a degree is awarded). The Carroll Code shall apply to a student's conduct even if the student withdraws or graduates from school while a disciplinary matter is pending. The Vice President for Student Life shall decide whether the Carroll Code should be applied to conduct occurring off-campus, on a case-by-case basis, in his/her sole discretion.

Vice President for Student Life

Vice President Student Life

Dr. Jim Hardwick, the Vice President for Student Life, is responsible for the supervision of the directors of Community Living, Career Services, Counseling Services, Health Services, Huntahausen Activity Center and Student Activities and Leadership. The position also collaborates in supervising the contracts with Securitas (campus security) and Sodexo (campus dining). Dr, Hardwick is located in 211 O'Connell Hall.

As the Vice President for Student LIfe, Dr. Hardwick is expected to represent the needs of Student Life departments in the college's strategic planning, budgeting, development of student service plans, and enhancement of out-of-classroom student learning. The position works closely with the college president, the senior administration of the college and the student president of the Associated Students of Carroll College to support the needs of students.

For more information, contact Dr. Jim Hardwick, Vice President for Student Life, at or 406.447.4530 or Tammie Hilton, Administrative Assistant, at or 406.447.4415.