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Alpha Summer Reading

The Long Loneliness

The Long LoneinessOur 2015 Alpha summer reading assignment for incoming freshmen is The Long Loneliness by Dorothy Day.

The Long Loneliness is the late Dorothy Day’s compelling autobiographical testament to her life of social activism and her spiritual pilgrimage. A founder of the Catholic Worker Movement and longtime associate of Peter Maurin, Dorothy Day was eulogized in the New York Times as, ‘a nonviolent social radical of luminous personality.’ The Long Loneliness recounts her remarkable journey from the Greenwich Village political and literary scene of the 1920s through her conversion to Catholicism and her lifelong struggle to help bring about ‘the kind of society where it is easier to be good’” (from Amazon ).  She is consistently identified as one of the most influential Americans of the twentieth century.
"Dorothy Day, is a modern Catholic saint in the tradition of St. Francis. Her book is an absorbingly well-written series of pictures of her work and that of those she has gathered around her connection with the Catholic Worker, its hospitality house and its community farm. I rejoice with the new hope for mankind because of the kind of work that she and her associates are doing."- Norman Thomas

Freshmen Common Reading Experience

The book selected by our Alpha Seminar faculty for all incoming freshmen to read this summer is The Long Loneliness by Dorothy Day. The book should be read before moving to campus in August and will be a featured text in all sections of our freshmen seminar program, Alpha Seminar.

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