Student Life

Move-In Day - New Students - THU

Carroll College CC Alert Sign UpFor new students and their families moving to campus on Thu, Aug 21, campus housing opens at 9am.

  • All first-year new students--regardless of their building assignment--will check in at Guad Hall main lounge. Students will be able to park in the Guad Hall parking lot on the north side of the building to unload their vehicle. Information for first-year new students is available in the Guad Hall main lounge--adjacent to the front desk and lobby.
  • All transfer, readmit or non-traditional students not living in Guad Hall--regardless of their building assignment--will check in at Trinity Hall front desk. Students will be able to park in the Campus Center parking lot west of the building, along the street south of the building, or in the parking lot east of the building to unload their vehicle. Information for these new students is available at the Trinity Hall front desk.

New Students - To Do List - THU/FRI

As a helpful reminder, all new students are expected to complete the following:

  • Proof of Immunization Form. Complete the immunization form sent in your welcome packet and return to the college's Wellness Center. For more information, contact Kerri Rigsby, RN, Director of Health Services, at or (406) 447-5438.
  • Online Alcohol Education Course. Complete the online alcohol education course, AlcoholEdu for College. For more information or to receive a copy of the log-in directions, contact Dr. Mike Franklin, Director of Counseling, at or (406) 447-5559.
  • Summer Reading. Read the book, "Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion" by Fr. Greg Boyle, S.J., and be prepared to discuss for your Alpha Seminar freshmen seminar course. The book can be purchased online or in your local bookstore.  
  • Order/Purchase Textbooks Online. Order your books online at the Saints Shoppe website (see info below) so books are ready for you to pick up. If you have not ordered books, you can still purchase the books at the Saints Shoppe in the Campus Center.
  • Order Parking Permits Online. Order and pay for your parking permits online (see info below). Lot A permits are $165 and Lot B permits are $90. Permits can be picked up in the O'Connell Hall lobby on Thu, Aug 22, or Fri, Aug 23, for new students and the week of Mon, Aug 25, in the Student Life Office in O'Connell Hall.
  • Carroll College ID. Students can have their photo taken for their Carroll College ID card in the Student Life Office, O'Connell 208.

Need Another Class???

If you are still waitlisted for a class or if you want a few more credits, please check out the courses listed below. New students should contact Academic Advising (117 & 119 Borromeo Hall) to add classes/revise schedules. Current students can add courses via MyCarroll or at the Registrar's Office.

  • ENLT 215C - Literature and Nature - TTh 2:15pm-3:30pm
  • ENLT 215D - Science and Fiction - MWF 11am-11:50am
  • HI 224A - History of the American West - TTh 9:30am-10:45am
  • HPE 101C - Weight Training (Men) - TTh 11am-11:50am
  • HPE 101D - Weight Training (Women) - MW 9am-9:50am
  • HPE 101F - Fitness/Race Walking - MW 12pm-12:50pm
  • HPE 101J - Beginning Golf - Th 1pm-4pm
  • HPE 101L - Nia Fitness - TT 4pm-4:50pm
  • HPE 101M - Zumba - MW 2pm-2:50pm
  • PHIL 208A - Bioethics - MWF 11am-11:50am
  • PO 102A - Intro to Comparative Politics (GD) - MWF 11am-11:50am
  • PO 102B - Intro to Comparative Politics (GD) - MWF 12pm-12:50pm
  • PO 115A - International Relations (GD) - MWF 1:00pm-1:50pm
  • PO 119A - City Politics (ND) - TTh 9:30pm-10:45pm


STAC Dining Hours - Opening Weekend

Meals will be available in the St. Thomas Aquinas Commons (STAC) in the Campus Center during the following hours this weekend:

Friday, August 22
7:00am-8:30am Breakfast; 11:30am-2:00pm Lunch; 5:00pm-6:30pm Dinner

Saturday, August 23
9:00am-10:15am Special Brunch Hours; 5:00pm-6:30pm  Dinner

Sunday, August 24
10:30am-12:30pm Brunch; 5:00pm-6:30pm Dinner

Welcome Back - New @ Carroll

New items for the 2014-2015 academic year:

  • New Campus Apartments - St. Matthew (north) and St. Catherine of Siena (south)
  • New Sports - Men's Soccer and Women's Softball
  • New Student Housing - Anthrozoology/Canine Program
  • New Global Opportunities - Artaza Center for Excellence in Global Education - First Main St. Charles
  • New Partner - World Montana - First Main St. Charles
  • New Food Format - SubConnection changing to Wholly Habanero (Mexican food)
  • New Parking System - Parking Permits Ordered Online
  • Increased Disincentive for Illegal/No Permit Parking - From $10 to $20 
  • Extended Parking Hours on Campus Road (between Library to Fortin) - From hours of 7am to 10pm to hours of 7am to Midnight

Returning Students - Move-In Day - SAT

Campus housing will reopen for returning students on Sat, Aug 23. Students not approved for early arrival to campus will be charged $25 per day to their student account if they return prior to Aug 23. New students are able to move into campus housing on Thu, Aug 21. For more information, contact Maureen Ward, Director of Community Living, at or (406) 447-4378.

Rent Or Buy - Order Textbooks Online Now!

Order your books at the Saints' Shoppe website. You can rent, with student ID number, or purchase the books. Books will then be ready to pick up when you arrive on campus.

NEW: Parking Permits - To Be Ordered Online

Parking permits will be ordered online this year. Go to to reserve and pay for your permits. You will need your license plate number, year, make and model of your vehicle plus your cell phone number to order the permit. Lot A permits are sold for $165 to residents living in campus houing adjacent to the parking lot. Lot B permits are sold for $90 for any registered students. All parking on campus requires a permit except for the north PE Center lot.

Upcoming Events

Thursday, Aug 21
4pm: Orientation begins
8:30pm: Hypnotist Andrew Becker
10:30pm: Cool treats under the stars

Friday, Aug 22
9am: Welcome ceremony
9pm: Swing Dance Lessons

Saturday, Aug 23
7:30pm: Swing dance

Sunday, Aug 24
12-1pm: Work Study Job Fair
8pm: Sunday Night Mass

Monday, Aug 25
8am: Classes begin

Wednesday, Aug 27
6pm: Club Fair and Open House

Thursday, Aug 28
7pm: Sex in the City

Friday, Aug 29
5pm: Deadline for AlcoholEdu
6pm: Slip n' Slide & BBQ

Campus Resources

(406) 447-5434 Acad. Advising
(406) 447-4504 Acad. Help
(406) 447-4480 Athletics
(406) 447-5418 Bookstore
(406) 447-5419 Bill Payment
(406) 447-5532 Career Serv.
(406) 447-4357 Computers
(406) 447-5441 Counseling
(406) 447-5195 Dining
(406) 447-5425 Financial Aid
(406) 447-5441 Health Ctr
(405) 447-4374 Housing
(406) 447-5406 International
(406) 447-4340 Library
(406) 447-5477 Mail
(406) 447-4336 Ministry
(406) 447-5435 Registrar
(406) 447-4380 Student Activ.
(406) 447-5457 Student Life

Emergency Info

911 (or 9-911 from campus) (406) 459-0540 College On-Call
(406) 442-3233 Helena Police
(406) 444.2140 Hospital
(406) 461-7611 Security
(406) 442-6800 Abuse Shelter
(406) 447.4524 Victim Adv.