Community Living

Community Living


Trinity HallLiving on campus is an integral part of the education experience at Carroll College, be part of an exciting residential campus.

With a new staff, new attitude and fresh energy, Community Living is dedicated to student success.

Community Living staff assists students in learning how to live in community on a residential campus. The friendships and life experiences developed by living on campus provide students with many unexpected benefits that positively impact the academic, occupational, recreational, spiritual, mental and emotional maturity of students. Students learn by daily practice how to develop healthy eating, sleeping, study and social habits. For these reasons, students are required to live in college housing for their first two years of college and are encouraged to live all four years in college housing.

To promote a positive living and learning environment, Community Living is responsible for educational programming, group activity advising, leadership development, student conduct, peer counseling, housing administration and resource referral for students. A Community Advisor (CA), a student paraprofessional trained to address the needs of students, lives on residence hall floors. An Assistant Director of Community Living, a master's degree-level professional trained in hall administration, community development and staff supervision supports each residence hall.

Current Student Housing Information

If you are interested, please fill out the below application and return it to the Student Life/Community Living Department. For more information or questions, please contact or call 447-5457.  


2014-2015 Housing Contract
Click here for 2014-2015 Housing Contract

Housing Sign-Up General Information
This document has all the information regarding lottery number times, proxies, sign-ups for incumbents and wait lists.  

Please fill out the proxy form if you plan on having someone other than yourself turn in your housing contract and meal plan form on Saturday March 22nd.  

Costs and Dates to Know
How much does room and a meal plan costs? What type of meal plans are there? When can I move in? You will find all the answers to these questions in this document.

Meal Plan Selection
This contract must be completed and turned in with your housing contract for the 2014-2015 school year.  It is a complete list of the different meal plans, access times, flex spending, etc.

Summer Housing Information

Sign-up schedule:  Tuesday-Thursday April 15th – 17th CUBE 11:30-1:00pm

After those dates and times contact Jackie Clawson x4379, or drop the Summer Housing Contract at her office in Trinity Hall next to the computer lab.


  • Summer housing is offered on a priority basis to Carroll students enrolled in summer school or working at least 15 hours a week or 60 hours a month for the college.  Priority Summer Housing sign-up will be from April 15-17. Any Carroll student who does not meet this criteria will be placed on a wait list and offered housing if it becomes available. Summer Housing will be located primarily in Trinity Hall.
  • Signups will be on a first come qualifying basis until housing is full, at which point a waitlist will be started.  
  • Communication regarding summer housing will be sent via Carroll e-mail addresses.
  • Room moves from Spring Semester rooms to Summer Housing rooms moves will begin starting Monday, May 12th at 4:00pm. Everyone will be notified individually when his/her room is ready.  All moves must be completed within 48 hours with all room moves completed by the end of the day on Sunday, May 18th.
    • Changing from previous years: Every student staying for summer housing, no matter the duration, may need to move, depending on their current room location.  All of Guad and St. Charles should plan on moving to Trinity or Borro as early as Monday, May 12th


Information for students taking Carroll summer school classes or working at least 15 hours/week or 60 hours/month for the College:

Cost: $40 a week.

  • Students will need to pay before being allowed to check into a room. When the fee is paid at the business office, a receipt will be given to the student.  Students will not be checked into a room until proof of payment is provided. 
  • Students working for the college will need to pay upfront for the month of May.  Payroll deduction may then be arranged to pay for June, July, and August.  If you choose not to sign-up for payroll deduction then payment for the entire summer housing will need to be paid before you check-in. If you are signing up for payroll deductions this needs to occur by April 25th in the business office. 
  • Students who fail to work 15 hours/week or 60 hours in a month or who are not enrolled in a Carroll summer school class will pay the rate of $100 a week. (The $40/week rate is only applicable during the scheduled dates of the course.)
  • Weekly charges will not be prorated.  If you move out mid-week, you will still be charged for the whole week.
  • If you are not living in the residence halls for Fall 2014, the last day to live on campus for summer housing is Sunday, July 27th.


Information for students NOT enrolled in summer school classes or working at least 15 hours/week or 60 hours a month for the College:

Cost: $100 a week.

  • These spots will only be available after priority housing is complete.  You will need to pay for your entire summer housing or total weeks reserved before being checked into your room.
  • Weekly charges will not be prorated.  If you move out mid-week, you will still be charged for the whole week.
  • If you are not living in the residence halls for Fall 2014, the last day to live on campus for summer housing is Sunday, July 27th


10 reasons


  1. No commuting
  2. Cool neighbors
  3. No costly power bills
  4. Shoveling & mowing = someone else's problem
  5. Your own chef
  6. Free cable TV and internet
  7. Sleep late & come to class in slippers
  8. Free concerts, dances & movies minutes from your door
  9. No parking hassles
  10. Sharing good times with all your best friends