Carroll College, Helena Montana
St. Charles Hall

St. Charles Hall

Welcome to Charlies!

St Charles Hall

Easily identified, the gothic, romanesque structure that is informally known as “Charlies” presides over the campus and was the first structure built in 1909 when Carroll College opened its doors. This turn of the century, four-story sturcture was built with red porphyry stone with a red tile roof. In the early 1900's St. Charles was the dormitory, classrooms, dining hall, library, and faculty offices and residences.

Now St. Charles houses up to 250 first and second year students in the main and south wings. Both men and women will find opportunities to live in single, double, or triple-occupancy rooms. Each room is slightly different, each having it’s own unique characteristics. Rooms vary in size and shape. Some are carpeted, some have the original wood flooring, and some are tiled.

St. Charles houses the President's Office and Marketing and Communications Department. International Programs, Honors Programs, Campus Ministry, classrooms and several academic programs also call Charlies home. The Performing Arts Department Theater and Fine Arts classrooms are located in "Old North", the north wing of St. Charles.

Tales about unique people and events have floated through the halls passing from student to students, year after year - Why is this door locked? What is the noise in that room? Are there shadows in the windows? - all with a hint of intrigue.

Please take a moment to view the floor plan as well as the video found below to get an idea for a standard room in St. Charles Hall.

St. Charles Hall Room Layout

This is just one example of how to arrange the room. The desks and chairs are movable and you can bunk the beds to try out different combinations that will fit your style!