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Resident Halls

Residence Halls

Community Living Purpose

Carroll College is committed to being a uniquely engaged residential learning community. Living in community is an important and vital aspect to your education at Carroll College, and as a result of this philosophy Carroll students are expected to live on campus. It is part of the "Carroll Experience" that is unique.  By living together with other students, you have an opportunity to become more engaged with college life, as aspect that can increase your success and satisfaction with your education. National studies support on-campus living, pointing greater overall satisfaction with education, better access to college resources, improved academic performance, and more participation in campus activities. The education of students is significantly enchased by the connection of learning in and out of the classroom.

Community Living is committed to ...

  • Creating a safe and healthy living and learning environment.
  • Creating  and sustaining an atmosphere of experiential learning that challenges and supports the development of intellectual, interpersonal, physical, psychological, and faith formation of students.
  • Creating residence hall communities that reflect the values and mission of that college.

Life Living On

Carroll's residence halls are designed to accommodate the living needs of today's college student - both on a personal and academic level - providing a wide variety of services close to home. Services in rooms and suites include computer network ports and cable TV hook-ups. Each hall has a dedicated computer lab with academic software where students can work on class projects without leaving home.

Basic amenities in each room include closets/wardrobes, single bed, dresser, desk and chair. Shared restroom and shower facilities are available on each floor in Guadalupe, Borromeo, and St. Charles. Suites in Trinity have their own bathroom with toilet, sink and shower.  Common areas include kitchen, laundry facilities and recreational lounges. The Campus Apartments offer more of an independent living environment. They are two or three bedroom units with a bathroom including a shower, sink and toliet, a living room, and kitchen with refrigerator, stove top and oven, microwave, sink, and dishwasher. Chapels are located in each hall, offering mass and other Campus Ministry events and services throughout the week. The tranquil beauty of the chapels offer a quiet place to reflect, pray and meditate. Check out each individual page for more specific information on a particular residence hall.

Each residence hall is staffed by a professional live-in Assistant Director (AD) and Community Advisors (CAs). CAs are trained student staff dedicated to building community and meeting the learning goals of each residence hall. A CA lives on each floor with the students and are available to provide advice, guidance, and leadership. Peer Ministers are student staff for Campus Ministry and live with the students to provide spiritual support. There is always a CA on call whos information is posted at the front desk of each hall.  The Assistant Director on Duty can also be reached 24-hours per day at (406) 459-0540. Campus Security staff is available from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. every day.

Junior and Senior Living Options

Many of our upperclassmen choose to live on campus for the convenience factors, as well as to stay close and connected with the Carroll community.

We understand that our upperclassemen have many needs and wants for their living environments, which is why we strive to offer a variety of options.  

For more information, check out our Junior and Senior Housing page to see side-by-side comparisons of Trinity Hall and the Campus Apartments, our two most popular choices for upperclassmen.

Residence Halls

10 reasons


  1. No commuting
  2. Cool neighbors
  3. No costly power bills
  4. Shoveling & mowing = someone else's problem
  5. Your own chef
  6. Free cable TV and internet
  7. Sleep late & come to class in slippers
  8. Free concerts, dances & movies minutes from your door
  9. No parking hassles
  10. Sharing good times with all your best friends