Carroll College, Helena Montana
Borromeo Hall

Borromeo Hall

Welcome to Borro!

Borromeo HallBorromeo Hall is offered for second year and above students. Borromeo was originally built for students entering the priesthood and designed for a simple, austere lifestyle. The reputation as the 'quiet' residence hall has been maintained over the years.

Students who choose to live in Borromeo prefer the quiet atmosphere and single rooms and enjoy its close proximity to classrooms, labs, dining hall and students activities. Borromeo also houses offices, classrooms and is home to the Talking Saints Forensics team.

Please take a moment to view the floor plan as well as the video found below to get an idea for a standard room in Borromeo Hall.

Borromeo Hall Room Layout

Borromeo Hall

This is just one example of how to arrange the room. The desks and chairs are movable as well as the beds to try out different combinations that will fit your style!