Carroll College, Helena Montana

Campus Apartments

Frequently Asked Questions

How many apartments are available in each building?
Each apartment building has 18 apartments—12 three-bedroom apartments and 6 two-bedroom apartments.

Who is eligible to live in the apartments?
Third, fourth and fifth-year students are eligible to live in the apartments.

How will the apartments differ from Trinity Hall?
The apartments have a 12-month lease, starting in May, which allows students to live in the apartments during the summer; Trinity Hall has a 9-month housing contract which begins at the start of the academic year in August. The apartments have three-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments while Trinity Hall has four-person suites. The apartments will be unfurnished to keep the cost as affordable as possible while Trinity Hall suites are furnished. Rent and utilities will be billed monthly in the apartments; the cost of housing for Trinity Hall must be paid in full at the beginning of each semester unless the student is on a monthly budget plan.

What’s included in the rent for the apartments?
Water, garbage, sewer and wireless Internet.

Dr. James Hardwick and Maureen Ward talk with Courtney Jones on Saints and Scholars about the new campus apartments.

How many roommates can I have?
The number of students allowed to live in an apartment is the same number as the number of bedrooms in the apartment.

Can I have roommates of the opposite gender?
All of the apartments are single gender in keeping with the mission of the college. The exception would be married students or students with dependent children.

What amenities are available in the apartments?
The layout of the apartment will include private bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, a vanity area with a sink, and an unheated exterior storage closet (5’ x 6”) to store items such as bikes, snowboards, skis . The kitchen will include a refrigerator, stove (burners and oven) and a dishwasher—all with stainless steel finish. Windows can be opened for fresh air. Students can decide if they want to be pay Charter Communications separately for the addition of cable television or phone service. There will be a pay-by-load laundry room in each building. The apartment will have a sprinkler system in case of a fire.  The exterior door to the apartment will be unlocked by a card key swipe system.

How will I get my mail?
Each unit will have a mailbox, location to be determined.  All mail and packages will be delivered to the unit’s mailbox.

How will the apartments be staffed?
There will be one student Building Manager who will live on site to help manage facilities issues and communicate with tenants.  Emergency response will be managed through the current Community Living Assistant Director On Call, Securitas and/or Helena Police. 

Are meal plans required of apartment residents?
Meal plans are optional for apartment residents.

Will parking be provided for apartment residents?
Parking will be by permit only. Additional parking will be added on the lower ring road. Apartment residents are not guaranteed a parking spot.

Can we sublet the apartment for the summer if we won’t be in Helena?
Carroll students can sublet their apartment to other Carroll students. The monthly rent and utilities bill will continue to be sent to the students on the lease. The students who are subletting the apartment for the summer will need to pay the students on the lease.

When can I sign up?
The application for the apartments will be available each January on the Community Living website and must be submitted by March. Applicants will be informed of whether or not they were a successful applicant a week before sign-up for Trinity Hall.

How will the order of sign-up for apartments be determined?
Applications will be scored and ranked based on criteria to include class standing, grades, conduct and current housing reference.

Quick FAQs

Applications for apartments are available online on the Community Living webpage. Apartments are available to third-year, fourth-year and fifth-year students.

  • 12-Month lease - Apartments available after Commencement 2015 through Commencement 2016
  • Able to sublet apartment to other Carroll students if not here for summer
  • Twelve 3-bedroom and six 2-bedroom unfurnished apartments 
  • 48 openings per building; 96 openings total for the two apartment buildings
  • Wireless Internet, water, sewer and garbage included in rent
  • Monthly billing of rent and utilities by the college
  • Rent - $400 per person for 3-bedroom apt; $450 per person for 2-bedroom apt
  • Utilities - Energy-efficient, newly-constructed units. Cost estimate to be posted
  • Cable TV package can be ordered; Billing directly from Charter Communications
  • Stainless steel appliances--fridge, stove and dishwasher--in each apartments
  • Exterior-accessed storage closet (bikes, skis, snowboards) for each apartment
  • Separate mailboxes located near Engineering Building
  • Conveniently located to campus and Centennial Park

Additional Questions?

Please direct questions to:

Director of Community Life
Maureen Ward

Vice President for Student Life
Dr. James Hardwick