Carroll College, Helena Montana

Guadalupe Hall Staff

What is a CA?

  • Community Advisors (CAs) are responsible for building floor and building community, representing the college to the students, and ensuring community standards and the Student Code of Conduct are followed.
  • CAs take the time to get to know their residents, help them with problems, and make sure their Carroll education is positive.

Get to know your 2014-2015 Guadalupe Staff!

Guadalupe Staff 14-15

  • Ground Mary's: Marcie McCarvel
  • First Joe's: Ryden Meyer
  • First Mary's: Elektra Sheffield
  • Second Joe's:Indy Bains
  • Second Mary's: Katie Goins
  • Third Joe's: Tony Stanfel
  • Third Mary's: Catherine Penaskovic

Guadalupe RHA 2014-15 Floor Reps

St. Mary's

  • Ground-Grace Behrens
  • 1st-Rachelle Navarro
  • 2nd-Angela Cohrs
  • 3rd-Alexandra Poulsen

St. Joe's

  • 1st -Jimmy Arnold
  • 2nd-Nate Boone
  • 3rd-Jonathan Faber

RHA Committee Members 2014-15

  • Ground Floor- Tegan Bauer
  • 1st Floor- Cheyanne Vaughan
  • 2nd Floor- Ilatei Makdoh
  • 1st- Jacob Souza
  • 2nd- Max Alles