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Interfolio: The New Confidential Credential File Service

InterfolioCarroll College Career Services partners with Interfolio for the provision of a credentials file or "placement file" service for educators. Interfolio specializes in managing confidential files. A description of Interfolio and how to use it is on Career Services' webpage.

Their system is very user-friendly and easy to navigate and organize reference letters and other components of credential files. Please peruse the Interfolio website by clicking on the Intefolio logo image above, then see "interfolio credentialing service" on the left menu bar.  If you have any questions, please contact Rosalie Walsh, Director of Career Services and Testing, at .

As always, we wish you the best in your teaching career.

What About Existing Credential Files?

Carroll Career Services phased out our paper-based credential file service in 2005. For any existing files currently housed with our department, we honor all of the requests for which files have been paid. At the point when graduates have reached the limit of their paid files, graduates have the choice to create their own non-confidential file, or we will be happy to send the contents of the file we hold to Interfolio with a graduate's express permission. Consistent with our policy, files in our possession that are inactive for a period of 10 years are destroyed. In May of 2015, any remaining paper-based credential files will be destroyed.

For those of you for whom we still hold files, please continue to use when requesting credential files to be sent to school districts to which you apply. Make sure to provide all necessary address information for us to mail the files to their intended destination, as well as your contact information. Remember to write something in the email subject line so that Carroll's email system does not reject your email message.

It is your responsibility to notify us if you want us to send your existing file to Interfolio.

Resources for Education Seniors

Job Search Handbook for Educators

Make sure you get your FREE Job Search Handbook for Educators from Career Services. The guide is published annually by AAEE - American Association for Colleges and Employers, and is free to current Carroll Education Seniors.

Job Search Resources for ED Majors

Remember that the Career Resource Library has many useful job resources for Education majors, including videos on: Interviewing Techniques for Elementary Ed majors/ Secondary Ed majors, How to Create Professional Teaching Portfolios.

Also Available:

  • Teacher Certification Requirements in all 50 States [includes recriprocity information]
  • AAEE Job Hunter's Guide, which lists all Job Fairs for Educators in all 50 states and provides registration information
  • Much information on the Educator's Job Search in the Employers Profiles section of the CRL. Stop by anytime! 

What to Expect Your First Year of Teaching

Get all sort of information at this link

Teaching Certification Help