Carroll College, Helena Montana



Where do Carroll Students Intern?

Mayo Clinic
Blue Cross Blue Shield
New West Health Center
Myrna Loy Center
Lewis and Clark Library
Montana Republican Party
Office of Public Instruction
Beartooth Communication
Fox News-NYC
Montana Historical Society
Hunt Law Firm
U.S. Senate Committee on Finance - Washington D.C

And Many More.............

Montana Governor's Office
Seattle Children's Hospital
St. Peters Hospital
Veterans Administration Hospital
Shodair Children's Hospital
Lewis and Clark County
American Federal Savings Bank
Anderson ZurMuehlen
Downtown Helena
Galusha, Higgins & Galusha
Montana State-DEQ, FWP, Dept. of Administration

Why Do An Internship?

  • 44.9 percent of employers offer higher salaries to incoming hirers with internship experience than they offer to those without such experience.
  • On average, converting from an intern or co-op to full-time hire means adding 6.5 percent to the starting salary.
  • New hires that have had internships/coops are more frequently given tasks considered to require more responsibility.
  • New hires with internship experiences tend to have higher Job Satisfaction.
  • Getting practical work experience helps you test out different careers.
  • An internship can provide an opportunity to discover your passion, to make a solid contribution to your employer, and to grow.
  • It is required in your Major!

What Is An Internship?

  • An academic relationship between the student, faculty supervisor, internship coordinator, and the employer. 
  • An opportunity for the student to augment coursework with on-the-job assignments related to her/his academic interests.
  • An experience in which the student has intentional learning goals and reflects actively on what she/he is learning throughout the experience. 
  • An internship may be a single-semester experience, or it may continue for longer than one semester; it may be paid or unpaid, and is taken for academic credit or for experience.
  • Understanding that employers have needs that arise throughout the year, internships can be started at any point in the semester; however, it must be a minimum of 8 weeks in duration.  Credit ratios are as follows:  1 credit = 45 hours-internships are typically 1-3 credits.  

How to Land an Ideal Internship?

  • Start Early!
  • Talk to friends and family.
  • Meet with Faculty.
  • Check Openings on Career Services Website.
  • Watch Your Email - Career Services and Faculty send out internship announcements on a regular basis.
  • Career Exploration-Find out what jobs match your major and contact employers.                                               

Saints Connection

Current Internships

Internship Opportunities

Information Technology Internship-Anderson Zurmuehlen

Information Technology Internship-Anderson Zurmuehlen

2017 Summer Leadership Institute-Anderson Zurmuehlen

Community Manager for the Helena Bighorns Hockey Club--Helena, MT

Media Internships for the Helena Bighorns Hockey CLub--Helena, MT