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Professions in Psychology


Please Take Note: Occupations may require additional education and/or experience.

If you are looking for a career in psychology then you have come to the right place. Here we have listed a select few of the many resources out there on the web that can help you get your career started. Also, if you have any questions about interviewing, resumes, or need additional help finding the right career then stop by the Career and Testing Services office. We have ample supplies to help you have a successful career search.

Career Websites

Graduate School Infromation

 Graduate School Scholarship and Fellowship Information

The NBCC Foundation  The NBCC offers various scholarships and fellowships to those looking to pursue Masters/Doctoral degress in the field of counseling

We also have information on many different internships for Psychology majors. Click here for more information on internships.

Careers in Psychology


NOTE: Occupations may require additional education and/or experience

Account Executive
Job Developer
Activity Leader
Labor Relations Manager
Admissions Evaluator
Labor Relations Specialist
Advertising Researcher or Executive Market Analyst
Art Therapist
Marketing/Sales Manager
Career Planning
Professional Media Buyer
Child Psychologist
Media Planner
Clinical Psychologist
Mental Health Coordinator
College Student Affairs Personnel Community and Social Service Worker Minority Group & Race Relations Director Community Relations Director
Motivational Researcher
Community Relations Represenitative
Music Therapist
Corporate Merchandising Manager Occupational Therapist
Correctional Caseworker
Operations Manager
Corrections Officer
Personnel Assistant
Cottage Parent
Personnel Interviewer Counselor: Career Personnel Manager Counselor: Substance Abuse Phyical Therapist Counselor
Guidance Press Liaison Counselor
Occupational Prisoner Classification Interviewer Counselor: School Probation Officer Counselor: Vocational Professional Employment Recruiter Crisis Intervention Counselor Program Developer
Customer Service Director
Customs/Immigrations Officer
Public Health Statistician
EEO/AA Specialist
Public Opinion Surveyor
Employee Assistance Director
Public Relations Employment Agency Counselor
Statistician Analyst
Expressive Therapist
Recreation Specialist
Financial Advisor
Regulatory Administrator
Financial Aid Director
Sales Representative
Food and Beverage Manager
Social Service Administrator
Health Club Manager
Social Worker
Health Educator
Hospice Coordinator Technical/Communications
Hotel Management
Televison/Media Researcher
Human Resourses Administrator
Training & Development Program Manager Human Resources Personnel
Wage/Benefits Analyst
Industrial Psychologist
Youth Corrections Officer
International Student Advisor