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What can I do with this major?

What can I do with this major?Finally, a convenient website that helps you connect majors with careers! Check out the What Can I Do With This Major? to view a great resource that helps you connect academic majors with careers. You can view career fields covered by the particular discipline, types of employers who hire for the various positions listed, and best of all, strategies you can employ to maximize your opportunities. Choose a Major from the left-hand menu barto find a list of websites that provide information about listed majors and career fields. Keep in mind that the information sheets and websites are representative of typical career paths associated with each major and not a comprehensive list.

You may also want to explore information and websites from multiple majors to help you learn about a wide range of career opportunities. So go and check it out!


The list of majors on the left menu bar are majors offered at Carroll. This is different than the above resource.Each of these resources has helpful information for you as students seeking to find an academic major that fits your interests and talents, as well as information to help all of you senior students preparing to launch your professional careers.