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Career Services has four computers exclusively for student career exploration activities, including several career inventories online not available from other computer terminals. 

Want more information about obtaining an Education degree?

To Become a Teacher:  Offers: Live mentoring for students; Expert career interviews (experts talk about their careers); Career track information; Local job listings; and Individual State licensing guidelines.

My Teaching Degree: Our organization built a non-commercial, free resource for teachers and those looking to become a teacher or learn about continuing education. Our tag line is "Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow" as we believe teachers are among the most influential group of leaders, especially for youth, in communities across the country.  Our information and materials are sourced using panels and contributing experts in the field. Here is a list of a few of our features:
     - Guidebook Series: Continuing Education
     - Guidebook Series:  Education Technology Tools Guide
     - Getting your Masters in Education
     - Comprehensive scholarship information at the undergraduate & grad level

 The Master in Education Guide: this site contains valuable information on Education based careers. Starting your search for graduate programs here would be essential to anyone's search for further advancement in their education major! Don't forget to check out their directory! It contains articles, interviews, job resources, certificate requirements and more!

 Education Degree Zone is the site you need to answer any and all question about education degrees! Check this website for information on career paths, class choices, teaching skills hints and tricks! Plus careers!!!

Education Degree has the most complete directory on the web of teacher education degree and certificate programs. It includes over 20,000 teacher education degree and certificate programs, offered by over 1,700 colleges and school districts across the US, reviewed and compiled by hand from the college and district websites. Please feel free to use this site to learn about the degree programs available to you, and if you want to contact the schools, please click on the school names.

Education Career Now contains valuable information on the basics of getting a degree in Education. It provides resources ranging from what is required to get a degree to how to land a job in an education career.

Masters in Education Online provides helpful information on the challenges students and recent graduates face - challenges such as selecting a teaching specialty, understanding career options and outlooks, and finding a quality master's program.

Secondary Ed- James Madison Fellowship, Due March 1st

The James Madison Fellowship is a federal program which can help provide pre-service (as well as in-service) teachers of government and history up to $24,000 to complete a Master's degree in a field related to the US Constitution. Over 1200 fellowships have been awarded since the fellowship's inception in 1992

The fellowship has 2 awards:

Junior Fellowship  - Awarded to outstanding college seniors and college graduates without teaching experience who intend to become secondary school teachers of American History, American Government, or social studies grades 7-12. Junior Fellows are expected to complete graduate study within 2 academic years of full-time study

Senior Fellowship-  Awarded to outstanding current teachers who are required to complete graduate schoool within 5 calendar years of part-time study


Application Requirements:

  • Be a US citizen or US National
  • Be a teacher, or plan to become a teacher, of American History, American Government, or social studies at the secondary school level (grades 7-12)
  • Possess a bachelor's degree or plan to receive a bachelor's degree no later than August 31 of the year in which you are applying
  • Wait at least three (3) years from the time that any previous graduate degree was awarded before applying for James Madison Fellowship 

For more information on the fellowship, please visit the James Madison Foundations website


Please Take Note: Occupations may require additional education and/or experience.

Are you looking to be a teacher? Here we have listed some of the best websites to help you to find exactly what you are looking for in a job. These sites can help you to break into the world of K-12 teaching all over the nation and in Canada. If you would like additional information about teaching jobs, where to look, resumes, interviews or any other question you may have about teaching then stop by the Career and Testing Services office. We have many great resources to help you with your search for the perfect job.

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Want a job in the Helena Schools System? then Go to The Helena Public Schools web page and check out employment then fill out the pre-employment application!


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Like to travel? Like to get paid to travel? Want to find the happy medium between traveling and teaching? Then try Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). With this you can travel to another country and teach in classrooms while at the same time experiencing the cultural and living  in the community. Its a great opportunity. For more information click here.