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Professions in Chemistry


Please Take Note: Occupations may require additional education and/or experience. 

Looking for a career in chemistry? Her we have many great websites listed to help you find the right career for you. If you have any questions about resumes, cover letters, or looking for tips on how to have the perfect interview, feel free to stop by the Career and Testing Services. Our staff is more than happy to give you advice to make sure you land the dream job.

Career Websites
Graduate School
Looking for an internship in chemistry? Then check out our Chemistry Internship Website where we have listed many great sites for you to find the perfect internship.

DOE Scholars Program:
The DOE Scholars Program will provide students and recent graduates with experiences and training that will prepare and motivate them to pursue careers with DOE. Explore the possibilties in: travel, individual development, research opportunities, scholarships, fellowships, internships. 

Following are some job titles that are accessible to Chemistry Majors:

Job titles with an asterisk (*) have web sites to the left.Agricultural Scientist
Brewer Lab Assistant
Cepalometric Analyst
Chemical Engineer*
Chemical Oceanographer
Chemistry Technologist
Clarifying Plant Operator
College Professor
Color Development Chemist
Crime Lab Analyst
Environmental Health Specialist
Fire Protection Engineer
Food/Drug Inspector*
Food Scientist Technician*
Forensic Chemist
Genetic Counselor
High School Teacher
Hospital Administrator
Industrial Hygienist
Materials Scientist
Medical Librarian
Molecular Biologist
Occupational Safety Specialist
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
Plastics Engineer
Product Tester
Quality Assurance Chemist
Risk Manager
Science Lab Technician
Soil Scientist
System Analyst
Tissue Technologist
Underwater Technician
Vector Control Assistant
Wastewater Treatment Specialist
Water Purification Chemist
Yeast Culture Development Specialis

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