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Please Take Note: Occupations may require additional education and/or experience.

Looking for a career in business administration? Here we have listed many great sites to help you get started in your search. If you find you need additional help then feel free to stop by the Career and Testing Services office where our staff is ready to help you with resumes, cover letters, and give inside tips to help with interviews.

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Looking for an internship in business administration? Then check out our Business Administration Internship Website. There are many great links here to help you get started. If you need more help finding an internship then feel free to contact our internship coordinator Nisan Burbridge


Career Services has four computers exclusively for student career exploration activities, including several career inventories online not available from other computer terminals. 

Following are some job titles that are accessible to Business Majors with Concentrations in Economics

Job titles with an asterisk (*) have web sites to the left.
Audit Manager
Bank Manager/Branch Manager
Bank Representative
Banker *
Bond Trader
Budget Analyst
Business Analyst
Business Forecaster
Business Manager *
Chamber of Commerce Analyst
Chief Executive Officer *
Chief Financial Officer
Claims Adjuster/Examiner
Commodities Trader
Financial Aid Officer
Financial Analyst/Consultant *
Financial Economist
Financial Planner
Financial Planner/Analyst *
Financial Reporter
Foreign Exchange Trader
Government Administrator
Healthcare Administrator
Industrial Economist
Industrial/Institutional Buyer
Information Scientist
Institutional Research Director
Insurance Sales
Insurance Underwriter
Intelligence Agent
International Trade Specialist
Investment Banker
Investment Researcher
Investor Relations Specialist
Labor Economist
Labor Relations Specialist
Commodity-Industry Analyst
Consumer Affairs Director
Corporate Financial Mgr.
Cost Analyst
Credit Counselor
Credit Manager
Economic Advisor
Economic Forecaster
Efficiency Expert
External Auditor
Finance Writer
Litigation Analyst
Loan Officer
Management Accountant
Management Consultant/Analyst
Market Research Analyst
Marketing Analyst
Merger/Acquisitions Manager
Mutual Fund Manager/Trader
Payroll Administrator
Populations Studies Analyst
Portfolio Analyst
Property Manager/Realtor/Developer
Public Utilities Manager
Rate Analyst
Risk Management Specialist
Securities Broker/Analyst
Securities Salesperson/Broker/Trader
Technical Writer
Transportation Specialist
Treasury Management Specialist
Trust Analyst
Urban Planner 

Following are some job titles that are accessible to Business Majors with Concentration in Management

Account Executive
Bank Manager *
Benefits Manager
Budget Officer
Communications Officer
Compensation Manager
Computer Operations Supervisor
Construction Supervisor
Credit Analyst
Credit and Collections Manager
Employment Counselor
Entertainment Agent
Government Services Administrator
Health Services/Hospital Administrator
Hotel Manager
Human Resource Manager
Industrial Relations Director
Associate Executive Manager
Customer Service Manager
General Manager *
Management Trainee
Manufacturing Supervisor
Market Information Specialist
Media Planner
Occupational Analyst
Materials Manager
Operations Manager
Personnel Manager
Promotions Manager
Purchasing Manager/Agent
Quality Control Manager/Auditor
Real Estate Agent/Broker
Recreation Manager
Reports Analyst
Restaurant/Food Services Manager
Retail Sales Manager
Sales Representative
Securities Trader
Scheduling Manager
Transportation Manager Telecommunications System Coordinator
Traffic Manager
Transportation Director 

Following are some job titles that are accessible to Business Majors with Concentrations in Marketing

Account Executive/Representative
Advertising Manager *
Art Director
Bank Officer *
Brand Manager
Circulation Manager
Comparison Shopper
Consumer Affairs Specialist
Credit Manager
Credit/Loan Administrator
Customer Service Manager
Employment Agency Counselor
Financial Planner *
Franchise Specialist
Grant Writer
Import/Export Manager
Inside Salesperson
Insurance Agent
Internet Marketing Specialist
Market Research Interviewer
Market Researcher
Marketing Manager *
Marketing Planner
Media Buyer/Analyst
Packaging Specialist
Product Analyst
Product Manager
Retail Manager
Sales/Wholesale Sales Representative