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Softball Weekend

Softball Weekend

Softball Weekend 2015: April 18-19 at Batch Fields

Softball Weekend will take place on April 18-19 at YMCA and Batch Fields. A mandatory Softball Weekend meeting for all captains will take place on Wednesday, April 8 at noon in the Trinity Lounge. Team captains must attend this Captains Meeting - if the Captain cannot attend, please send a substitute to represent your team.

At this meeting you will hear the rules for this Alcohol Free Softball Tournament and have an opportunity to turn in your roster and Responsible Student Conduct Agreement Forms for your team. Only those who have signed the Student Conduct Agreement form are eligible to play for your team.

Captains Meeting Agenda

  • Explanation of Weekend - non-alcohol softball tournament (safety)
  • Responsible Student Conduct Agreement (making good decisions)
  • The Rules (what the weekend will look like)
  • Only current students and employees are legal to play on your team
  • Questions and Answers
  • Captains putting together teams and team fees (rosters)
  • Teams with Inappropriate names will not be added to the roster.
  • Deadlines and Team Shirts
  • All are asked to play on only one team. If you must a maximum of 2.
  • Club funds cannot be used to pay for shirts or for Team Fees!!

Having fun is what this is all about... Let's celebrate life and friendship and a great weekend!

Required for the Captains Meeting

Everything must be turned in as one package by noon on Wednesday, April 8th! The schedule will be created that night and no other teams will be allowed to enter. This means you will have to have attached to your roster the signed student conduct form from everyone on your team.

Team Shirts and Names

Only appropriate team names will be accepted – this is different than years passed. This year Patrick is not deciding if a name is appropriate or not.  On Wednesday night, April 8, when it is time to make the schedule, those teams with inappropriate names will not be added to the schedule. There will be a committee of 5 people who will decide. Don’t be stupid and take the chance of not getting your team in the tournament because of an inappropriate name!

We will be playing at Batch Fields which are the very nice softball fields located further down Benton Ave next to Carroll and the Golf Course. This year will include night games under the lights. Over all you will see we have kicked it up a notch. The Helena Umpires Association has been hired and we have been working with the Helena Softball Association to organize this tournament.

Softball Weekend 2015: April 18-19 at Batch Fields

Softball Weekend will take place on April 18-19 at Batch Fields and YMCA.

Softball Weekend Saturday games are from 8am to 7pm. We ask that individulas play on one team and no more that two teams.  With the addition of the four Softball Fields at the YMCA complex we should be able to complete all the games during day light hours. Please no alcohol at the fields, any individual with alcohol at the field will be disqualified and any team with a beer can or alcohol in the dugout will be disqualified.

The softball schedule takes into consideration those teams who request game times due to schedule conflicts but does not gaureentee game times. The schedule will also take into consideration teams that would like to play one another but does not guarantee it will happen. No special request can be made after the schedule has been created.

Softball Weekend Rule Highlights

We ask that you only play on one team and no more than two.  Any person or team may be dismissed by: the tournament director, the director of student activities, an umpire, or any of the schools officials present due to inappropriate conduct.

Absolutely no alcohol is allowed at the fields/in the parking lot at any time during the weekend. Any team caught with alcohol will be immediately be disqualified and asked to leave the fields – no exceptions!

Any person whom the umpire deems “not sober” must leave the fields immediately and will be taken home by taxi. Rules set forth by Carroll College and the City of Helena for Batch Baseball Fields.

  • You must park in the designated parking areas
  • No littering
  • No drinking in public, No open containers, No alcohol
  • No drinking and driving
  • No indecent exposure
  • No vandalism
  • A person who shows up at the fields drunk and or belligerent will be asked to leave.

Infractions of city rules will be ticketed by the Helena Police Department.

Drop Dead Rule

Drop Dead Rule with a 55 min time limit per game. -  A horn will sound the start and the end of the game time.  Games called on time will revert to the score at the last full inning completed.  Unless the team that is batting second in the inning has a score that has tied or passed the team that batted first in the inning.   If the game is tied when the horn sounds or when we revert to the top of the last completed inning then a tie score will be reported in the standings.


Score is kept by the Umpire so you must check in with him every inning to make sure the score is correct. It is the responsibility of the umpire to bring the scorecard to Patrick Harris at the end of the game. We will use these scorecards to determine who moves forward to the Playoffs.

Read the full list of Softball Weekend rules (PDF)

First Aid Volunteers for Softball Weekend

To nursing students and those who have first aid experience - we are looking for students to work the First Aid Station at the Softball Weekend. Volunteers are needed for every hour of Softball Weekend. (2 every hour if possible)

  • Hours run from 8am to 8pm on Saturday at Both Batch and YMCA Fields
  • Hours run from 9 am to 1:30 pm on Sunday at Batch Fields

If you would like to volunteer, email Patrick at and let him know the day and hours you can volunteer.


Code of Conduct


For current Carroll students only

Everyone who plays on your team/listed on your Roster must be a current Carroll student. Any team having a non-Carroll student or employee on their team will not be allowed to play. Rosters will be checked before the weekend begins and teams having non-Carroll students will not be added to the schedule. All teams making it to the Sunday playoffs games will be double checked to make sure only Carroll students and employees are on the team. If your team plays against another team who has a non-Carroll player then you can ask for a forfeit and you will automatically win the game. This is an event for current Carroll Students only.


Why the $100 Registration Fee?

Here is a break down of the cost for the Softball Weekend Tournament:

  • $1,800 for food for the weekend
  • $400 for pop/water
  • $500 for the fields
  • $1,700 for umpires costs
  • $600 for Equipment: Bats, Balls, First Aid Supplies, Trophy and printing of all the material.
  • $2,000 for Security for the weekend

Total = $7,000

We hope to get 40 teams at $100 each = $4000. This will still not cover the expenses above. We will be short by $3000.

For your $10 (or less if you have more than 10 people) you will play 3 games at the least = $3.33 a game.  You will also get all the food and drink you want.