2013-14 ASCC Senate

Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors Non-Trad
Christian Dresback
Chase Farrell
Alyx Morris
Colton Welhaven
Luke Fecteau
Nicole Munoz
Lauren Scofield
Lauren Snodgrass
Lexi Bremer
Bob Eagle
Elyse Ramierz
Geena Tyler
Stuart Allyn
Brus Layson
Eric Noel
Emily Zweber
Cristina Beldarrain
Subin Sapkota

ASCC Senate

The ASCC Senate is an official voting body of the Carroll College Student Government. Each class elects four Senators to represent them during the school year. The Senate meets six times a semester to discuss student issues, and creates actions and responses to those student issues.

ASCC Mission Statement

We, the Associated Students of Carroll College uphold the values and rights of this institution and its mission as a Catholic, Liberal Arts, and ecumenical school. The ASCC shall act as Carroll College’s student government and will provide the right for students to organize in order to develop academically, socially and morally through student participation and input, as well as providing a student perspective to the administration of Carroll College.