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Personal Leadership Classes

Required Personal Leadership Courses

Before you can take the Elective Classes Below, You must do the online assessment and take the "Understanding My Strengths" class and the "Understanding the Strengths of Others" class.  These classes will be offered again at the start of the 2016-17 Fall Semester.  For now we ask those students who have started the program to take advantage of the many elective courses we are offering this second semester.  We would like to see you finish your leadership certificate program by attending the classes below.

Upcoming Elective Courses Offered for Credit Toward Your Leadership Certificate

Where Do You Stand? - Maureen Ward on March 1st 7pm-8pm (Location TBD)

“Where Do You Stand?” is Carroll College’s new Bystander Intervention training.  Pulling from many national resources, this hour-long training is designed to help students learn how to Speak Up and Speak Out against sexual violence, predatory behaviors and bullying.  Through the training, participants will be able to become familiar with what bystander intervention is, uncover their own personal barriers to intervening, and develop basic skills of bystander intervention through scenarios and small group discussions.  Come join us and help Carroll expand the message that “It’s on Us” to be part of the solution to keeping our fellow Saints safe.


Leadership - The "Soft" Topic That is "Hard" To Do - Jim O'Brien on March 2nd from 12:00pm - 1:00pm in O'Connell 107

Aimed at all leaders (most of us) who simply wish to be more effective. Come join this spectacular lecture.


Honesty, Integrity, Responsibility, and Other Endangered Species – Kyle Strode TBA

Glaring examples of dishonesty seem to be everywhere in the media: sports figures take banned drugs, politicians lie about their opponents’ records, Wall Street firms “cook the books,”  and the guilty avoid taking responsibility for their actions and are not held accountable.  This class will engage students in a conversation that focuses on the value of personal integrity in personal and professional settings.  What are the consequences of being honest? How can you empower yourself to take personal responsibility for your actions? Can you be a humble beacon of integrity for those around you?

Teaching Goals:  Students will recognize the value of honesty, integrity and responsibility in their own actions. Students will begin to develop skills to strengthen their professional and personal credibility as well as skills to deal with situations involving dishonesty.


Cooperation and Confrontation in the Workplace: Getting Things Done- Dean Pavlakis March 17th (Location and Time TBA)

Getting things accomplished in larger organizations or communities usually involves working with people over whom you have no control. What happens when your responsibilities or initiatives require others to make changes or do work when they don’t have any particular reason to join the effort or give it their best? We will talk about the theory and practice in building a team when there is no authority relationship to compel participation.

Students should bring a brief write-up of an instance when they had to build a team from scratch without the help of an authority relationship, indicating their successes and frustrations, if any.

Learning goals: At the end of the session, students should have a greater understanding of the tools to use to gain cooperation and the ways of gaining that cooperation.


Leadership for a Scientist: Publication of Research and Promulgation to the Public. – Gerald Shields TBA

Information to come


Merit Badge University Teacher

If you volunteered to teach at Merit Badge University, you may count this as a optional credit as it is a leadership opportunity - A reflection paper is not necessary for this credit.


The choices you make define the leader you become.  And the choices you make are not just about you. They’re about the positive impact you can have on your organization, your community, and beyond. Our world needs everyday leaders who will choose to make it a better place.

Additional Optional Leadership Credit

Have you participated in any of the following trainings? If so, submit a reflection summary to receive one optional Personal Leadership course! [1 training = 1 optional Personal Leadership course]

Approved Optional Personal Leadership Training Course Options:

  • Peer Minister Training
  • Community Living Training
  • Gold Team Ambassadors Training
  • Student Government Training