Carroll College, Helena Montana

Personal Leadership Classes

Required Personal Leadership Courses


Strength Finders 2.0 Assessment Online Test

You will take the Strength Finders 2.0 Assessment on line before attending the first two required classes. To get started in the Leadership Program contact the CLCP Director who will give you an access code and instructions to begin your Strength Finders Assessment.

Challenge your potential to become an authentic leader by taking the Strength Finders 2.0 Personal Leadership Assessment. This online assessment will help you determine your strengths so you can focus on your potential for growth as a leader. This is the first step that you must take to begin your work toward a Personal Leadership Certificate.

To begin this first step e-mail the Carroll Leadership Team at

Strength Finders 2.0 Assessment "Understanding Your Strengths"

This is the first class you must attend to continue your Personal Leadership Certificate track. The only way we know how many people are coming is by e-mail signup; if we don't have enough, class will be cancelled. Thus, IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU ALWAYS SIGN UP BY SENDING AN E-MAIL TO   

Understand the results of your online assessment. In this class we will go over your individual strengths and talk about what they mean. The information you receive from the assessment will provide you with a framework for the process of developing a personal leadership model.

This class is offered: Wed. Feb. 4 @ 4PM    Brad Maddock   OCON 106


Strength Finders 2.0 "Understanding the Strengths of Others"

This is the second class you must attend to continue your Personal Leadership Certificate track. You must have first attended "Understanding Your Strengths" to take this course. Please register by sending an e-mail to

On a personal level you must understand the strengths of others to be a good leader. In this session we will take time to understand the strengths of others and how we might run a group according to the strength of each individual. You will learn how to recognize the strengths of others and assign responsibilities according to their strengths.

This class is offered on:

  •  Tues. Feb. 10 @ 6PM   Brad Maddock    OCON 106

 **Upon completion of these classes all other classes may be taken in any order you would like.

** We offer several dates and times for each class to try to give students the best chance possible to attend. You need only attend each class once.

Optional Personal Leadership Courses

 Lectures you can attend to earn a Optional Credit:


Christ-like Leadership for Women

Jan 23-24

The goal of this weekend is to grow in an understanding of the leadership that Christ calls us to in scripture and then identify the concrete ways we can live that out on this campus.

The women's leadership overnight retreat takes place at a forest service cabin, and students will be asked to demonstrate outdoor teamwork on this adventure - providing/preparing food, snowshoeing, fire building, etc. Sessions will center around Christ's teaching on servant leadership.  The students will be challenged to stretch their understanding of leadership from select preset gifts to the virtuous character and individual call asked of each of us in Christ-like servanthood.  The women will then look at ways they can serve on this campus, and more specifically they will be given the task of serving on the campus wide women's retreat at the end of January.


Lessons in Leadership-Rob O'Neill

March 20

Please submit a short reflection for credit for the above options





"Joining Strengths to your Personality"-Bob Calkins

Teaching Goals: Students can further enhance their strengths by drawing correlations to their unique personality type. Students will be able to more fully value contributions by different personalities.

Dates: Mon. Feb 12 @ 6PM

              Fri.    Feb 23 @ 6PM


Cooperation and confrontation in the workplace: getting things done-Dr. Dean Pavlakis

Getting things accomplished in larger organizations or communities usually involves working with people over whom you have no control. What happens when your responsibilities or initiatives require others to make changes or do work when they don’t have any particular reason to join the effort or give it their best? We will talk about the theory and practice in building a team when there is no authority relationship to compel participation.

Students should bring a brief write-up of an instance when they had to build a team from scratch without the help of an authority relationship, indicating their successes and frustrations, if any.

 Dates: Wed. Feb 25 @ 6:30PM

Learning goals: At the end of the session, students should have a greater understanding of the tools to use to gain cooperation and the ways of gaining that cooperation


"Your Strengths and the Interview"-Nisan Burbridge


Now you understand your strengths – can you articulate them in an interview setting?  Come hone your skills and be able to effectively put your strengths in context for a winning interview.  The focus of this training will be developing an effective interview story for each of your strengths. Students will learn the elements of effective interview strategy and how to incorporate their specific strengths into interview responses.  Students will need to bring a copy of their strengths.   


Teaching Goals: Students will demonstratea deeper understanding of their personal strengths and be able to demonstrate their strengths in an interview setting. 



Authentic, Motivated Leadership” – Maureen Ward


  While you are busy navigating your college career and learning your personal leadership style, it’s important to always remember to be yourself! In this multi-media presentation, we will look at a variety of leadership theories and explore our personal strengths and motivations, even going so far as to reconnect with the “kid inside” to help set goals for the college years, and beyond. < em>It is helpful for participants to have already completed their StrengthsFinder 2.0, but not a requirement.




“ Your Personal Mission Statement” - Jack Oberweiser


 Using your strengths and goals to travel down the road of making a difference.  Through reflection and writing, students will envision a plan for their lives that will lead to a life well lived.  This class will discuss foster care, inclusion of others in one’s life and the call to service in the Gospels.                                        



 Teaching Goals: Students will identify personal  strengths that will contribute to the success of their mission.  Student will identify past and present mentors that will be guides along the way.


Merit Badge University

If you volunteered to teach at Merit Badge University, you may use this as an elective credit or your personal leadership event.

Additional Optional Leadership Credit

Have you participated in any of the following trainings? If so, submit a reflection summary to receive one optional Personal Leadership course! [1 training = 1 optional Personal Leadership course]

Approved Optional Personal Leadership Training Course Options:

  • Kirchen Minister Training
  • Community Living Training
  • Gold Team Ambassadors Training
  • Student Government Training