Carroll College Volleyball 2014

Volleyball 2014:                                                                                                                                    

March 24th-

6:00 Dream Team vs. STFU
6:00 The Cuddle Fish Team Camping
6:40 Bump Set Shank vs. Barum's Team
6:40 Nets vs. Ace In Your Face
7:20 WE WIN vs. Oozma Kappa
7:20 The A Team vs.  Big Ballers
8:00 I'd Hit That vs.  Purple Draaaank
8:00 Team Belleuille vs.  The Diggers
8:40 Nice Hits vs.  Nice Hits, Rough Sets

March 30th-

5:40 fanSTACHEstic vs.  Nice Hits
6:20 Kiss My Ace vs.  Nice Tips
7:00 Semi-Pros vs.  The Lunch Crew

Remember to dress alike guys!