Carroll College, Helena Montana


Recycling on Campus

Why Recycle?

Reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators
Conserve natural resources such as timber, water, and minerals
Prevent pollution caused by reducing the need to collect new raw materials
Save energy
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change
Help sustain the environment for future generations

(US EPA Recycling Basics at

How to Recycle at Carroll

Place paper, aluminum, and plastic in designated bins located on your floor. Campus drop-off locations for other materials are noted below. Please be careful not to throw food or other undesirables in the recycling bins.


• All office paper, newspaper and magazines can go together in the paper bins.
• Colored paper, paper envelopes (windows okay) and paper with staples are accepted.
• Break apart catalogs and magazines if they are thicker than a quarter of an inch.


• Recycle soda and other drink cans and the like.
• Empty and quickly rinse cans.
• Clean aluminum foil is also accepted.


• We collect two types of plastic for recycling on campus: Type 1 clear and tinted (water and soda bottles) and Type 2 clear/natural/colored (milk jugs, most laundry detergent bottles)
• Find the type on the bottle, inside the recycling symbol.  
• Remove all lids.
• Quickly rinse before tossing in the bin.
• No trays are accepted.
• No motor-oil containers; cooking oil containers must be thoroughly rinsed.
• You may leave the labels on the bottles.

Corrugated cardboard

• Clean cardboard only—no pizza boxes unless they are free of grease (the grease floats to the top in the recycling process and creates problems). Recycle the top part of the pizza box if it is free of grease.
• Flatten all boxes.
• Remove all plastics and styrofoam.
• You may leave the packing tape and label on the box.
• Corrugated only—no cereal boxes

Light bulbs

Bring your bulbs to the facilities shop just south of their main office on North Park Avenue.

Glass and steel food cans

Carroll does not offer glass or steel can recycling options on campus. You can recycle glass and steel cans via the City of Helena recycling programs. For locations, visit the city's recycling web pages here:


Carroll does not offer paperboard recycling on campus at this time. Paperboard is the thin cardboard used to make cereal boxes; it is not corrugated.