Carroll College, Helena Montana


Academic Advising and Support

Annette Walstad, Director
Borromeo Hall, Rm. 119, Phone, 406-447-5434

Carroll College has developed a personalized academic advising program. During Orientation, the first-year student will be assigned a specially trained academic advisor who will give the student a total view of the College. Later the student is encouraged to select an advisor from the faculty of his/her major department. Students are encouraged to see their advisors at least twice each academic semester. The Director of Advising is available to help students with any advising questions or problems.

When to see your faculty advisor:

  1. To discuss any problems which affect your academic performance
  2. To add or drop courses
  3. To discuss your academic progress at any time, but especially after midterms
  4. To declare a major
  5. To select courses for the upcoming semester during preregistration
  6. To register to take a course pass/fail or audit (during preregistration)
  7. To make a degree plan
  8. To discuss career considerations
  9. To learn who or what resources are available, when you are not sure.

How to see your faculty advisor:

  1. Become familiar with your advisor’s office hours/schedule which should be posted.
  2. When possible, call to make an appointment rather than dropping in without one.
  3. If it is necessary to drop in without an appointment, try to come at a time when your advisor is available; avoid the busiest times of the day (10 am to 2 pm); and allow plenty of time in case you have to wait.
  4. Because the first and last two weeks of each semester are the busiest for your advisor, schedule longer conferences (to discuss issues like possible majors and careers) during the middle part of the semester.

You should:

  1. Make and keep appointments or call if it is necessary to change or cancel an appointment.
  2. Come with specific questions in mind and with necessary materials such as pencils, schedules, forms, etc.
  3. Ask about and utilize other sources of help and information such as the Academic Resource Center and Career Services.

Academic Resource Center

Kevin Hadduck, Director
Borromeo Hall, Rm. 115, Phone, 406-447-4504

The Academic Resource Center helps students become academically successful through services such as peer tutoring, advice on study skills, workshops, and academic counseling. The Resource Center director also coordinates assistance for students with learning and/or physical disabilities.


Vacant, Director of Athletics
Physical Education Center,
ext. 447-5479

The Director of Athletics provides leadership for intercollegiate athletic programs. The director is responsible for program planning; fiscal, facility, and personnel management; compliance issues; development and maintenance of quality athletic and club sports programs; community relations; and marketing.

Steve Jones, Director of Athletic Facilities
Physical Education Center
, ext. 447-4484

Facilities of the Physical Education Center, situated on the northwest quarter of the campus, include an AAU-sized swimming pool, four handball/racquetball courts, three locker and shower rooms, a weight room, a dance area, and a multipurpose arena with permanent seating. All Carroll students may be admitted to the P.E. Center by presenting their student ID card. The general public is charged a nominal fee per visit. Hours are posted monthly across campus. Students may also check with the P.E. Center office for hours of operation. 

Business Office

Lori Peterson, VP of Finance
O’Connell Hall, Rm. 205, ext. 447-5432

Kari Brustkern, Controller
O’Connell Hall, Rm. 203, ext. 447-5422

Lori Newell, Student Accounts
O’Connell Hall, Rm. 201, ext. 447-5429

The Business Office is responsible for providing financial services to the College community. Students should direct payments and questions concerning their student accounts to this office. The Business Office will cash personal checks for students with valid identification cards for amounts up to $100.00 during regular business hours. 


Loretta Andrews, Director
O'Connell Hall, Room 113, ext. 447-4508

Help Desk, ext. 447-4357

The Campus Computing & Information Technology (CCIT) Office provides support and training to the College faculty, staff and students for all computing hardware and software, multimedia equipment, the Carroll phone system and all network services. CCIT is committed to continually improving services provided and enhancing the College’s academic and administrative computing facilities.

Campus Ministry

Fr. Marc Lenneman, Chaplain/Director of Campus Ministry
406-447-4869 //

Dan Thies, Associate Director of Campus Ministry
406.447.4333 //

The Campus Ministry staff works to help meet the spiritual needs of the Carroll community.  As a Catholic campus ministry, we are disciples of Jesus Christ who desire to share the love of God with all people through worship, evangelization and service. Through liturgies, prayer services, retreats, service work, and dialogue evenings we seek to provide varied opportunities for our community to explore and grow in faith.  We are available to all members of the Carroll community and enjoy working with the varied faith traditions and backgrounds present on our campus. 

Career Services and Testing

Rosalie Walsh, Director, ext. 447-5530
Career Center, Borromeo Hall

The Career Center aids students in developing, evaluating, and implementing career and life planning. These services assist students through a process of self-assessment to clarify personal goals, values, and interests and to teach decision-making skills. Students learn how to obtain occupational information, to explore the full range of employment opportunities or graduate study, and to present themselves effectively as candidates for employment.

The programs of career development include individual and group sessions, the use of career testing instruments, workshops, and a Career Resources Library which contains a collection of occupational and job market information and information about graduate school programs.

Other services include postings of employer information including interviews and vacancy listings and a credentials service to assist senior students and graduates in processing employment files.

Testing services are coordinated by the Director of Career Services. Most paper-based major examinations required for admittance into graduate school and selected professional certification examinations are administered on campus. Computer-based versions are offered at the Sylvan Learning Center.

CLEP, a program designed to enable traditional and non-traditional students to earn college credit by examination, is also administered. Applications and information about most national exam programs are available in the Student Development Center.

Community Living

Maureen Ward, Director of Community Life,
O'Connell Hall room 210, ext. 447-4378

Residence living is an integral part of the educational process at Carroll College, and the residence halls are administered to that end. College policy reflects the commitment to the residential concept. As a means of facilitating the growth of students in their college years, Carroll College operates four residence halls that accommodate over 800 students: Borromeo Hall, Guadalupe Hall, St. Charles Hall, and Trinity Hall. The residence halls are open to full-time students and to part-time students as available.  Community Living is also bringing online a 12-month apartment-housing option in late Spring 2014 to better serve the needs of our upperclass students.

Our Assistant Directors of Community Living are live-in professionals who administer the residence halls to ensure a living/learning environment that is safe, clean, and conducive to study, growth, and development. The ADs also assist students with social, emotional, and career issues and help make appropriate referrals to other professionals.  The quality of residence life is highly dependent upon Community Assistants, or CAs, who are student employees who live on the floors and help with implementation of programs for student residents.

Counseling Services

Dr. Jim Rogers, Director
Guadalupe Hall, lower level; ext. 447-4536

The counseling service assists and supports students in the pursuit of their intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development through support programs to enhance the functioning and potential of healthy individuals and groups. Counseling is available to individuals and groups with related concerns such as self-image, self-esteem, sexuality, coping, and relational or transitional issues-all of which may lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, loneliness and stress.

Counseling services include on-campus counseling or referrals for such areas as: depression, how to cope with stress, conflict resolution, dysfunctional family, including adult children of alcoholic parents, eating disorders, assertiveness training, chemical dependency, alcohol use evaluation, suicide counseling, divorce issues, and ongoing support groups, e.g. AA. 

Human Resources

Renee McMahon, Director
O’Connell Hall, ext. 447-5501

Kerry Jensen, Assistant
O’Connell Hall, ext. 447-5500

The Office of Human Resources is responsible for administering comprehensive human resources services to the College’s faculty, staff, and administration. These services include human resource planning, compensation, employment (including student employment), benefit administration, training, and employee relations. The director serves as the College EEO/AA officer and provides counseling on employment-related and sexual harassment issues.

Library Services

Christian Frazza, Director
Corette Library
, ext. 447-4344

The Corette Library purchases materials (books, journals, videos, etc.) to support the curriculum of the College. The library is open seven days a week during the fall and spring semesters; hours are adjusted during the semester breaks and summer school.

Monday-Thursday 8 am-midnight
Friday 8 am-4:30 pm
Saturday 9 am-5 pm
Sunday 1 pm-midnight

The library is a partial government depository for federal documents. Reference librarians are at the library, Monday through Thursday, 8 am to 10 pm and Friday, 8 am-4:30 pm. 

Mail Services

Paul Smetana, Director
St. Charles Hall, ext. 5477

Mailboxes are in the lobby of St. Charles Hall. Mail box numbers are assigned at the beginning of the academic year. Off-campus students are assigned mailboxes if space is available. Mail is distributed daily, except Sundays and holidays. Students should use their post office box number in all their correspondence.

The post office is open from 8 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday, and 9 am to 11:45 am on Saturdays during semesters. The post office offers a wide variety of services including: stamps, mailing services (U.S.P.S., U.P.S., and Federal Express), and limited supplies (envelopes, boxes, etc.). For more information about postal services, please contact the post office. 


Cassie Hall, Registrar
O’Connell Hall, Rm. 240, ext. 447-4572

The Office of the Registrar provides certification of registration and the completion of graduation requirements. This includes course registration, course withdrawal, grades, and repeated courses. The official academic record is housed in the Office of the Registrar. Students have access to their records in accord with the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). Transcripts are issued through the Office of the Registrar. All requests for transcripts must be submitted in writing by the student requesting the transcript.

Student Activities

Patrick Harris, Director
O'Connell Hall, ext. 4380

Student Activities seeks to meet the needs of the Carroll community for social, cultural, intellectual, and recreational programs. Weekly events are sponsored by Student Activities and ASCC that include dances, coffee-house entertainment, outdoor recreation, tournaments, movie nights, and special events.

Full-time students can use their Carroll ID for free or discounted admission to Carroll-sponsored events and to most major cultural events in Helena. Specific guidelines for College-sponsored events are available in the Student Activities Office.

Anyone who uses the name of Carroll College for an activity must register the event in the Student Activities Office. The Director of Student Activities serves as the advisor of the Associated Students of Carroll College, the supervisor of the Carroll Campus Center, and the Director of Orientation.

Wellness Center

Kerri Rigsby, RN, Director
Wellness Center, Guadalupe Hall, ext. 447-5439

Under the supervision of an off-campus medical director, the Director of Wellness holds regular office hours for students when classes are in session. At the Wellness Center, health and immunization records are maintained, physical assessments are performed and direct, non-emergency care is administered including: first aid; over-the-counter medicines for the treatment of simple ailments; quick-strep throat cultures; administration of allergy shots; TB tests; flu shots, some procedures, and a variety of vaccines.

Minimal fees (paid in advance) are charged for immunizations, blood draws, laboratory tests, and some supplies. Students can borrow crutches, vaporizers, and heating pads, if available.

A nurse practitioner affiliated with Strawberry Mountain Clinic holds clinic hours one evening per week and can prescribe certain medications, order laboratory procedures, X-rays or therapies as needed. Students are referred to physicians with follow-up from Health Services if necessary.

Confidentiality is strictly maintained according to professional standards.

Health Services requires that students receive a meningitis vaccination to reduce risk for meningococcal disease. College-aged students have a greater potential risk of outbreaks than the general population due to the prevalence of risk factors that are part of campus life. Contact the Wellness Center.