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Welcome to Carroll College!

We consider it our priviledge to serve you, as you teach, study, live, work, and play at Carroll College.

We hope you find this site to be helpful and informative. We want you to know who we are, the services that we provide, and how to request them. We know our buildings and grounds are important components of your Carroll experience, and we want them to be as functionable, beautiful, safe, and secure as possible.

If you don't find the answer to your question on this site, please contact us at 1105 N. Park, Mon-Fri 8:00am to 4:30pm and we will be happy to assist you. Our extension is #5421.

Butch Biskupiak
Facilities Director

Energy Saving Ideas

As you can imagine, the power usage for the entire campus is substanial.

Two years ago, Carroll College used funding from a Performance Contract, with Johnson Controls where we completed 2.7 million dollars of campus wide improvements. Here are a few of the measures and our areas that will benefit from their implementation.  New low flow toilets, urinals, shower heads and sink aerators, to save water; 6 new high effeciency boilers, for gas savings and comfort; new back up fuel system; installation of many occupancy sensors to shut off lights when not in use; new low wattage bulbs and ballast; additional digital temperature controls through out campus.

The following are possible ideas to help us control our monthly power bills.

Simple things like turning off lights when you leave your room, office, or classroom can have a positive affect when everyone participates. If you have radios, TVs, computers, or video games, please turn them off when not in use.

We lower some of our office buildings at night, but by lowering your room thermostat a degree or two during the day can help.

For those people living in the residence halls or using the PE Center, reduce shower time by a few minutes will save many gallons of heated water, which in turn saves the gas needed to heat it from 60 to 120 degrees.

If you have any additional suggestions of other saving ideas, contact the Facilities Office. We are always willing to listen. 

Facilities Mission

The Carroll College Facilities Department is a valued service team committed to provide and enhance the Carroll community and is focused on attracting and retaining students and employees through effective resource management.

Our Staff

Director: Butch Biskupiak
Assistant: Jane Dresback
Boilerman: Wayne Hennessy
Carpenter: Kerry Petersen
Plumber: Chip Clark
Electrician: Robert Holmes
Boilerman: Mike Flynn
Set-ups, paper supplies and painter: David Rotness

The Custodial Staff reports to Don Simpson.
The Grounds Staff reports to Gerald Landby.

Work Order Request

Residence Hall work order requests must be submitted through Community Directors or Community Assistants. This helps to eliminate duplicate requests and assures completion and proper follow-up of the work requested. Please do not contact individual staff with your requests. Please be specific when reporting a request, such as the location of the needed work, nature of the problem and the contact person.

All other work order requests for non-residence hall facilities must be submitted to the Facilities Office, either by phone (447-5421) or e-mail (send to "Facilities"). This helps to eliminate duplicate requests and assures completion and proper follow-up of the work requested. Please do not contact individual staff with your requests. Please be specific when reporting a request, like location of the needed work, nature of the problem and the contact person.

We will respond as quickly as workloads and staffing allow. We will prioritize any work that responds to safety concerns.

Project Requests

Any request for work that does not deal with the maintenance or repair of an existing condition within a building is considered a project request. Projects typically require a funding source and need to be planned through the Facilities Department.

For project additions to the "Master List" please call the Director of Facilities at 447-5521. The Facilities Department will assist with cost estimates, and prioritize with available funding.

Items to pay attention to from Facilities view point

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions from new students.

  • Work request / non emergency
    1. Contact your CA for request for a work-order.
    2. CA calls Facilities Office and requests work
    3. Facilities assesses severity and prioritizes request
    4. Office dispatches Custodial or Facilities staff to repair or help
    5. Work performed, parts ordered and return date scheduled
    6. "We were here" form left with explanation of work completed or status
  • Work request / emergency
    1. Contact your CA or CHD
    2. CA or CHD will contact on-call facilities phone (594-4570)
    3. Personnel dispatched
  • Wall decorations put up with poster putty. (keep pin holes to the minimum)
  • For clogged drains, call Facilities. (don't use acid cleaners)
  • Please do not put femine napkins down the drains, use trash recepticles.
  • Contact CA or CHD for washer and dryer repair. Note machine ID number and detail problem.
  • Use of power strips and watch possible overloading of outlets (4 items per outlet is standard)
  • Please don't tamper with smoke detectors or fire equipment (National Fire Code)
  • Get to know and respect your Facilities Staff on your floor or in your building.

Master Project List

Facilities projects completed

Deep srcub Acting Studio floor
Strip and wax main dining hall
Continue restoration of O'Connell Hall (carpet and paint)
Install new card access locks in Guadalupe
Regrout kitchen dishroom floor
Repair PE Facia
Replace Condensate line in tunnell from Borro to Simperman
Construct new bike storage area at Guadalupe Hall
Paint exterior of President's residence
Install new flag light
Repair wall behind vending machines in St Charles

Facilities Outstanding projects

Request bids for O'Connell Hall roof repair
Replace front south door on O'Connell Hall
Install security camera system in Guadalupe Hall
Repair and repaint skylight area in St Charles Lobby
Improve power supply to Grotto

Safety and Health

Facilities is responsible for a wide range of training programs and ensuring that all safe practices are followed.

Facilities maintains the fire and smoke detector systems, 15 each AED located around campus, fire extiguishers, building access systems and sprinkler systems on campus. We assist with building fire drills and fire training.

Facilities manages environmental projects such as asbestos abatement, mold remediation, and IAQ problems.

Facilities maintains a current chemical supply and disposal manual(MSDS), which documents proper handling, storage, safety requirements and disposal of cleaning and boiler chemicals.

Facilities is a participant in the campus emergency response manual.

Facilities promote and plan improvements of campus safety in areas of lighting for parking lots, sidewalks, and public hallways. We maintain campus signage for parking and information. 

Campus Recycling

Facilities supports the campus based SAVE Club in the recycling of paper products, glass, aluminum cans, cardboard and plastic

Facilities has a recycling center located at our office which properly disposes of fluorescent bulbs and all types of batteries. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I need something in my room or building repaired. How do I go about getting it started? For students needing repairs, start with notifing your CA or CHD. They will call in the repair to Facilities office.
For Faculty and Staff needing repairs call directly to Facilities (ext 5421) and start the request. We will leave a "We Were Here" notice on the door, which will explain the status of the repair and when we will return, if not completed.

There are black and red bugs all over the building. What are they and how can I get rid of them? These bugs are BoxElder bugs. They are a nuisance, but are not dangerous and don't bite. Their life span is short and your best bet is to ignore them. These bugs are found during the spring and fall and typically enjoy the south exposures.

What do I do about pests? Let our office know when you suspect having either and we will arrange traps and spraying to help get rid of the pest.

How do I get a replacement key for my office or room? Students must contact their CA's or CHD's for requesting a new key, so proper tracking of keys can be maintained for everyone's safety. Faculty and Staff can call the Facilities office and request a key. Please state reasoning or need for replacement key.

I'm too hot or cold in my room. Do I let someone know? Students must contact their CA's or CHD's with the problem, so proper evaluation of trouble areas can be documented for everyone's comfort. Faculty and Staff can call the Facilities' office directly.

My overhead light is out. How do I get it replaced? Students must contact their CA's or CHD's with the problem. Faculty and Staff can call the Facilities office directly.
How safe is our elevator? We have a contract with Otis Elevator Company to maint our elevators. Once a year they do load test, where they bring in the rated amount of weight and test safety switches. Then the State of Montana does a complete check of operation and certifies it's operation. Then monthly Otis comes in and checks all of the safeties and the general operation. The newer elevators have a diagnostic system that calls the Otis main office to notify the service guy of any problems.

Contact Information

Director of Facilities -- Butch Biskupiak 447-5521  office, 594-4570 cell

Administrative Assistant -- Jane Dresback 447-5421
8am- 4:30pm Mon-Fri

24 hour emergency On-Call Cell phone 594-4570