Carroll College, Helena Montana

Network Services

Get Connected

  • Follow these Instructions for setting up your computer or mobile device for network access.
  • If you have your Game Console, DVR, or other media box follow these instructions:
    1. Login in here to get a key for HaloLite. Ignore the download that may have started you don't need to use this, and click on the button at the bottom of the page that says "click here"
    2. Take note of the key on the next page.
    3. Connect your device to HaloLite and use the key you recorded.
    4. Find your MAC address or IP address on the device.
    5. Go to here to register the device you connected to your account.











Email Access on Your Mobile Device

Carroll College ITAccessing email on your mobile device requires Activesync.  Activesync is available on most smartphones and devices that can run apps like the iPhone/iPod Touch and Android.  See your device manufacturer web site for instructions on setting up email using Activesync.  We (CCIT) have successfully configured an iPod Touch, iPad, and Android. 

The mail server address is:

Two Things You Need to Know
1) Activesync uses the data network to send/receive data.  If your device is a cell phone it will use your cell DATA PLAN to send/receive data and this may cost you money $$$.  Please make sure you understand your data plan and what happens if you exceed your data plan's limits.  If you're not sure contact your cell carrier.

2) When you connect your device using Activesync we (CCIT) gain the ability to initiate a remote wipe of your device (there is no way to disable this, it’s part of the system).  This means that we can ERASE your device – not just your email, but the entire device (apps, photos, music, etc.).  We will NOT erase your device unless you come into the CCIT office and request it, for example if your device is lost or stolen you can come into the office and we can initiate a remote device wipe to erase the device to protect your data (you can also do this yourself within webmail Options).  If your device is lost or stolen you should also notify your cell carrier immediately.

Carroll College ITHow much space do I have left in my mailbox? Just mouse over your name in webmail and a little popup will tell you.

What about anti-virus programs?

In order to get on the Internet, the Bradford Network Security program will check to see if you are current on Windows Updates and have up-to-date antivirus software installed (Windows only). 

Several antivirus programs now come bundled in suites that include a firewall.  The firewall may interfere with ResNet and you may need to disable it to get connected - the antivirus piece will continue to work. 

We only officialy support the following AntiVirus program although others should work.