Carroll College, Helena Montana

Network Services

Get Connected

How to Connect Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones

  1. Check for wireless network connections on your device and choose Carroll WiFi.
  2. Open a web browser and enter the url:  Click Start.
  3. Select start and choose Students and Employees. Put in your Carroll username and password. Choose the type of device you are using.
  4. The Cloudpath app is required. You will be directed to install it during set up. Apple users will need to allow app installation from sources other than iTunes(Untrusted Sources). Android users need to be able to install apps from Unknown sources which is under settings --> security. Read prompts carefully as they will indicate if this is needed and redirect you to the proper settings. You may need to begin again after the change has been made. A screen lock code is required. If one is not in use you will be directed to set it up before connection.

How to Connect Gaming Consoles, DVRs, e-Readers, Smart TVs, and Other Wireless Devices

  1. Open a web browser and enter the url:  Click Start.
  2. Choose Students & Employees and enter your Carroll username and password. Click continue.
  3. Choose Gaming Console, E-Reader, SmartTV, DVR, Other WiFi device.
  4. Find your MAC address or IP address on the device and enter it. An email will be sent to your Carroll account.
  5. Connect your device to SaintsLite and enter the key provided.

If you need assistance connecting any of these devices please contact the CCIT Helpdesk at 406-447-HELP (4357).

What about anti-virus programs?

To ensure network security, the latest Windows updates and up-to-date Anti-Virus software are required for Windows devices to connect to the campus network. When you connect to campus Wi-Fi, the campus network management system,, will check your system and will not allow you to connect until you have installed updates and have a valid Anti-Virus software program installed.

We officially support the following AntiVirus programs, although others may work as well.

Other Connections

Although each Resident Hall room may have a physical Ethernet port, the physical ports are not active.  If there is a need for an live physical port, the student will need to request to have the port activated.  This can be done through the virtual Help Desk @ To request that a port be activated, please choose the Connectivity request type and then choose Ethernet Port Activation in Dorm Room.