Carroll College, Helena Montana

Video Training

Faculty Video Tutorials

Below you will find a variety of video tutorials on how to complete various tasks with technological software and hardware around campus.  

Opening Moodle Courses for Student Enrollment

Closing Student Enrollment in Moodle Courses

Adding Content to a Moodle Course

Adding and Removing Students from Moodle Courses

Backing Up (Copying) Moodle Courses

Restoring (Pasting) Moodle Courses

Meta-Linking Moodle Courses (Use this method to consolidate multiple sections of a single course into one Moodle course)

Adding and Modifying Turnitin Assignments

Embedding Videos in Moodle

Adding and Weighting Grade Categories in Moodle Gradebook (Gradebook 1 of 3)

Adding Grade Items to Moodle Gradebook (Gradebook 2 of 3)

Changing the Display and Aggregation Settings in Moodle Gradebook (Gradebook 3 of 3)