Carroll College, Helena Montana


Your Carroll Network Account: Getting Connected

Your network account will allow you to utilize a campus computer in any of the computer labs, libraries or classrooms. It will also allow you to connect your own computer wirelessly to the Internet anywhere on campus or through a wired connection in your dorm room. The account consists of a username and password and will also be used to access your Carroll emailMoodle and MyCarroll. Once you have registered as a student,  an account will be created for you. You will be able to retain this account as long as you are continually enrolled at Carroll. As a new student at Carroll, you should receive a letter with your account information prior to the start of classes. If you have any questions concerning your Carroll network account, please contact CCIT @ (406)447-4357 or stop by our offices in 113 O'Connell Hall.

Account Details

Generally, your username will be your first initial and your last name. For example, if your name was Jane Smith, your username would be jsmith. Your e-mail address will be your username, followed by - i.e., To access your Carroll email, go to the Carroll Student webpage, click on the Carroll E-mail Icon and then sign on.

You will also be given a password which you will be asked to change immediately. It is very important that you keep this password to yourself. Even CCIT won't have access to your password. You will be asked to change your password on a periodic basis to maintain it's security.

Please be sure that you have read Carroll's Acceptable Use Policy before logging on to the network and understand what type of activities are prohibited. You will be held responsible for everything that takes place on the network with your username and password. 

Computer Labs

Craig Blaker, Academic Support Specialist, manages all computer labs on campus. His office is located near the Simperman Hall computer labs in Simperman Hall 148.  Craig is available to assist students and faculty during regular business hours.  The Simperman Hall labs are staffed with student lab monitors after business hours and for limited hours on the weekends. They can assist with printing, network connectivity and answer software questions. 

Computer Supplies

Computer supplies are available in the Saints Shoppe. If you are looking for a new software application, the Saints' Shoppe will be glad to order it for you at Carroll's educational discount prices. 

Computer Repairs

CCIT can assist students with software troubleshooting and network connectivity issues but cannot perform hardware repairs.  CCIT encourages students to pursue warranty repairs if applicable. If you need your computer repaired, there are many reputable repair stores in Helena. Most are near campus and some offer special pricing for students. Check the yellow pages or contact the Help Desk at 447-4357 for locations. 

Recommended Computer


Windows Vista or newer

Mac OS 10.6 or newer  


Any computer purchased within the last few years with wireless connectivity will be sufficient


The TechSaints are Carroll's student Technical support specialists. During the school year, they can be found in the Library from 6pm - 10pm Sunday through Thursday.