Carroll College, Helena Montana

Video Conferencing

Ten Innovative Uses for VideoConferencing

Here are a few ways you can use videoconferencing to improve the learning experience in your classroom:

1. Schedule guest speakers and experts from around the world to speak to your class via videoconference.

2. Have students participate in your class when they are off-campus for sporting events or family events.

3. Partner with another class in another college to pool research resources in real-time.

4. Engage language students in real-time conversations with native speakers from anywhere in the world.

5. Give presentations to your class from your own computer when you are off campus.

6. Schedule videoconferencing office hours with students at times that are most convenient for both of you.

7. Have committee meetings in which no one is required to leave their office, or even come to campus.

8. Use screen share to demonstrate common lessons for all professors teaching high-enrollment courses.

9. Create a professional development group for your department and use videoconferencing to speak with experts in the field.

10. Have students use videoconferencing to present class projects to experts in the field, then recieve immediate feedback on their work from real-world professionals.