Carroll College, Helena Montana

Tech Saints

Tech Saints

The Carroll College Tech Saints program is a tech training program staffed by Carroll College students.  The tech saints are available for in-person consultation from 6pm until 10pm Sunday through Thursday during the regular academic year, excluding holidays.

Tech Training...Not Just Tech Support

The Tech Saints provide routine troubleshooting assistance for Carroll students that need to connect to Carroll's wireless internet, run computer updates, and other "traditional" tech support issues, but that's only a small part of what the Tech Saints do.

The Tech Saints are equipped to provide personalized training in using a variety of computer hardware and software for any student that needs it.  Instead of being a typical tech "support" group that students call after there is a problem, the Tech Saints are available to provide training and advice before problems occur.  In this way the Tech Saints allow students to focus on the material they are studying rather than the technology used to study it.

Project-Specific Training

Professors at Carroll can enlist the help of the Tech Saints to support students for specific projects in their class.  If a professor wishes to give a video project, for example, they can ask the Tech Saints to provide video-editing support sessions for their students during the time they are working on the project.  This way, the professor is free to assign innovative projects that increase learning within their discipline without having to become an expert in the technology used in the project.  In short, we believe professors have enough expertise to share within their discipline that they shouldn't have to worry about becoming experts in technology as well.  The Tech Saints are here to provide that technological expertise so that professors can focus on their discipline-specific teaching.

Tech Saints Video Tutorials

In addition to their in-person tech support, the Tech Saints are developing a library of video tutorials for a variety of common tech issues, from formatting papers in MS Word to uploading assignments to Moodle.  As more Tech Saints tutorials are created, they will be posted here.

Tech Saints Biographies

Myunghoon Kim (A.K.A. "Hoonie) is a Tech Saint that works in the CITE from 6pm-8pm Sunday through Thursday.  Here is what he had to say for himself:

Hello everyone! My name is  Myunghoon Kim or Hoonie. I am a senior from Olympia, Washington. I am a Chemistry major, but I have a background in computer technology since middle school. I joined the TechSaint team because I wanted to continue helping out students especially when it comes to learning where to find information through the web as well as writing awesome essays. One thing you may not know about me is that I am an adept gamer. I played video games for a long time and currently am playing League of Legends for almost three years. Another thing about me is that I played the trumpet for seven years. I took a haitus after I got my braces off, but I plan on getting back my skills in the near future. Last thing is that I was born right-handed but I grew up writing with my left hand. Although I am mostly left handed now, I still kept some of my right handed skills such as playing racquetball, eating, and other skills.

Robert Feeley (A.K.A. "Rob)  is a Tech Saint that works in the CITE from 7pm-9pm Sunday through Thursday.  Here is his personal bio:

My name is Rob, and I am a Tech Saint here at Carroll College. I am majoring in Computer Information Systems (CIS) while also going for a certificate in Project Management. 

I applied to be a Tech Saint because I wanted to acquire some practical experience in my field of study, as well as help my peers when their technology acts up (computers are great when they work, but are a real bear when you have to fix them). 

Three interesting facts about me... I am a certified SCUBA diver, and have been since I was 13 (after I got my certification, I dove off the boat into the Pacific down in Mexico; talk about some cold water). I am an avid PC gamer, having just built myself a custom gaming pc this last January (and I upgraded it in early August), and spend more time on it than I am comfortable admitting. The last interesting fact about me is that I am a recent Mac convert, but still think they are overpriced for the hardware/software.


Kara Osterback (A.K.A. "Buggy")  is a Tech Saint that works in the CITE from 8pm-10pm Sunday through Thursday.  Here is how she describes herself:

My name is Kara Osterback and I’m from Spokane. Washington. I am a double major in Computer Science and Computer Information Systems. I came to Carroll because I loved how small the school is. Carroll definitely feels like a family. I became a Tech Saint because I wanted to help the students at Carroll know that there is always someone they can go to for technology help. I am on the Carroll golf team and I have been playing golf for eight years. I love almost every kind of animal, except for snakes. I am a sports buff. I love watching or playing sports.