Carroll College, Helena Montana

Tech Saints

Tech Saints

The Carroll College Tech Saints program is a tech training program staffed by Carroll College students.  The tech saints are available for in-person consultation from 7pm until 10pm Sunday through Thursday during the regular academic year, excluding holidays.

Tech Training...Not Just Tech Support

The Tech Saints provide routine troubleshooting assistance for Carroll students that need to connect to Carroll's wireless internet, run computer updates, and other "traditional" tech support issues, but that's only a small part of what the Tech Saints do.

The Tech Saints are equipped to provide personalized training in using a variety of computer hardware and software for any student that needs it.  Instead of being a typical tech "support" group that students call after there is a problem, the Tech Saints are available to provide training and advice before problems occur.  In this way the Tech Saints allow students to focus on the material they are studying rather than the technology used to study it.

Project-Specific Training

Professors at Carroll can enlist the help of the Tech Saints to support students for specific projects in their class.  If a professor wishes to give a video project, for example, they can ask the Tech Saints to provide video-editing support sessions for their students during the time they are working on the project.  This way, the professor is free to assign innovative projects that increase learning within their discipline without having to become an expert in the technology used in the project.  In short, we believe professors have enough expertise to share within their discipline that they shouldn't have to worry about becoming experts in technology as well.  The Tech Saints are here to provide that technological expertise so that professors can focus on their discipline-specific teaching.

Tech Saints



My name is Kidron Lee and I am a native Montanan from Polson. I am in my sophomore year here at Carroll and am majoring in Computer Science.

When I applied for a position as a Tech Saint, I was hoping to gain experience that coincides with my field of study. I was also interested in the prospect of being able to help other Carroll students struggling with IT problems. 

I enjoy hiking, long days at Flathead Lake and, of course, Netflix (binge watching is always a problem for me).

Joseph Ikehara


Hi! My name is Joseph Ikehara, and I am a sophomore Tech Saint here at Carroll College. I am majoring in Computer Science.

I applied to be a Tech Saint because I want to learn as much about computers while I'm here at Carroll. Considering my major, this position is a fantastic opportunity for me, and I'm glad that I can do it.

I also play trumpet in the jazz band at Carroll. I have a lot of fun doing it and think I'm pretty good at it, so come on down and say hi if you ever get to listen to us! I'm also in the pep band, so you can see me at some of the home games for football, volleyball, and basketball. Go Saints!

Carl Holm


Hi everyone I'm Carl Holm. I like to say I'm mechanical engineering major from Salt Lake City, but things are never quite that simple.

I originally came from a small town on the border of Utah and Arizona, where everyone majored in construction. More specifically, I was a mechanic, and have probably spent more time under the hood than in the classroom. When I was 15 years old, I left my hometown and family so I could go to high school. My family didn't necessarily approve of my decision, and I've had very little contact with them since then. Fast forward 3 years and I'm wondering how I got here. I used to think I was going to the Unversity of Utah, but Carroll really grew on me. The mountains and smaller population eventually won me over, and now I'm proud to be a Saint.

I joined the techsaints because I wanted to learn and be able to help others learn. The learning process is always mutual. Every time I help others, I learn new things from them too.

I am a very outdoorsy person, and that played a large role in choosing Carroll. I am also a huge motorsports enthusiast who can't afford any motor toys yet. I love both watching and playing most sports, but basketball is my favorite.