Carroll College, Helena Montana

Library Services

  • Ask a Librarian

    Get help now! Contact us, set up an appointment, and more

  • Inter-Library Loan (ILL) Request

    Request a book or article from another library

  • Off-Campus Access

    Information on how to access library resources from off-campus

  • My Account

    Manage your account, renew online, and more

  • Borrow & Renew

    Information about borrowing, library cards, and more

  • Course Reserves

    Information about course reserves

  • Equipment

    Information about equipment available to library users, including scanners, iPads, and more

  • Faculty Reserve Request

    For Faculty. Form to request that an item be placed on reserve.

  • Room Reserve Request

    Form to reserve a room in the library.

  • Guest Guide

    Information for guests and members of the general public

  • Purchase Request

    Form for requesting that the Library consider an item for purchase

  • Posters

    Please read this information prior to placing posters or notices in the Library

  • Research Assistance & Instruction

    Help with your research, instructional sessions, and more