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This guide is intended to help you use the search interface on the Library website to locate library resources, including books, dvds, and journal articles.

Search Everything

This search bar located at the top of the page will allow you to search for books, articles, dvds, and other library resources.

image of search bar

  1. Begin by entering your search terms into the "search box" (1).
  2. Cilck the button to the right of the search box.
  3. You will be taken to a list of search results.

  4. The list of results is located in the center column (4).
  5. You can further refine your search using options on the left.  "Full text online" will remove items in print and items for which there is only a citation.  "Scholarly & Peer Review" will return only results from a scholarly source, such as a peer-reviewed journal (5).
  6. "Content type" will allow you to specify the kinds of resources you want, such as only newspapers (6).
  7. "Discipline" will allow you to narrow your search by broad subject area (7).
  8. "Publication date" will allow you to narrow your search to resources published within a certain date range (8).
  9. Additional limiters are available at the bottom of the screen (9).
  10. Please ask a librarian for further assistance.


More Search Options

Additional search options are available when you click the "Find" button on the library page.

image of find button

  1. "Books, Articles, Journals, Movies and More" will take you to the Library's discovery tool (see "Search Everything") above.
  2. "Books and Movies (Library Catalog)" will take you to the Library Catalog, which may be use to find the call number indicating where a book is shelved in the Library.
  3. "Journal Articles and Newspapers (Databases)" will take you to a list of the library's periodical databases.  See "Find Databases" for more information.
  4. "Journals" will show options for locating a specific journal publication.  See "Find Journals" for more information.
  5. "Subject Guides" will show guides, tutorials, and lists of resources compiled by a librarian.  These are organized by discipline, subject, or topic.
  6. "New Titles" provides a list of a small selection of new books and movies that have recently been added to the Library's collections.
  7. "Archives" will allow you to digitally browse and search the content of Carroll's school newspaper, yearbooks, and more.
  8. "Data and Statistics" will take you to a broad list of resources for locating data and statistics in a wide variety of research areas.
  9. "Worldcat" will allow you to search the collections of libraries worldwide.


Books, Articles, Movies and More

See "Search Everything" above.


Books and Movies (Library Catalog)

For information on using the Library Catalog, click here.


Journal Articles and Newspapers (Databases)

This interface is designed to help you find periodical databases containing articles in a particular subject or discipline.

  1. Begin by selecting a subject from the dropdown and clicking search (3a), or typing all of part of the title of a known database into the white box and clicking search (3b). This will bring up a list of databases matching your request. Alternatively, you may click the button on the right to view the entire list of databases (1d).
  2. You will be taken to a page with a table listing databases. 
  3. The left-most column contains the names of databases. Clicking on a name of a database will take you to that database (3c).
  4. You may also search our multidisciplinary databases. These databases cover a wide range of subjects, and contain vast numbers of articles. To search a multidisciplinary database, click one of the icons (4) at the top of the table, or use the "Find Articles" tab on the search interface located at the top of the page.
  5. Further help is available for specific databases.
  6. Please ask a librarian for further assistance.



This interface is designed to help you find a specific journal publication from a citation.


This interface is designed to help you find issues from a specific journal or publication. To search for articles by topic, use the tab for "Find Articles".

  1. Begin by using the tabs at the top (1) to select a method of searching. You may
    • Search by title or ISSN
    • Browse alphabetically by title
    • Browse by subject
    • Browse by medical subject
    • Search by DOI or PubMed ID Number
  2. Choose an appropriate tab, enter your information, and click "search" where applicable.
  3. You will be taken to a display of results.
  4. For each journal title, a list of date ranges and the database where that range of dates is located will be displayed.
  5. Under the title of the journal you are interested in, click on the name of a database (5) to go to the listings for that particular journal.