ILL Policy

Inter-Library Loan Policy

BEFORE You Place a Request

  1. Check the Corette Catalog to see if the item(s) is available at the Corette Library
  2. Check Journals A-Z to see if an article is available full text online from one of the databases to which the Corette Library subscribes.

Request Forms

Important: All required fields on the forms must be completed as thoroughly as possible. If you would like assistance filling out a form, contact a reference librarian.

Please make your request electronically.

Plan ahead to allow for the time it will take to receive the materials requested. If you are in a hurry, a reference librarian or staff in the Interlibrary Loan Office can help you find the material at a nearby library, or find comparable sources available at the Corette Library. Materials that are needed in less than seven (7) days from the request date will not be processed or requested.

Interlibrary Loan Contact:

Borrowing of Materials

Books, articles, dissertations, and book chapters can be borrowed if available. Certain materials are more difficult to borrow because many libraries do not lend audiovisual materials, rare books, reference books, or textbooks. If you would like to attempt to obtain these materials, please request early in your research process to allow more time. Corette Library will not attempt to borrow books from international lenders.

Due to ILL costs, the Corette Library has adopted the policy that it will not re-request an item for a patron. Citation information and material you wish to quote should be copied down while the book is in your possession. The library does not routinely request materials not related to research, such as textbooks.

Items that are owned by the Corette Library but temporarily in use will NOT be requested. Items that should be available in full text through any of the on-line services that are made freely available to the user will NOT be requested.

The library will consider purchasing requested items, taking into account availability, price and the library's collection management policy.

The library will refer users to other local, accessible libraries that are known to hold the requested item before trying interlibrary loan. The Corette Library is a participating member of the Consortium of Academic and Special Libraries in Montana (CASLIM) which enables Carroll students to borrow directly from member libraries. Carroll students may also borrow directly from Lewis & Clark Public Library.

Under what circumstances can I request an item via Interlibrary Loan?

Material not owned by the Corette Library can be requested via interlibrary loan. Special arrangements or circumstances may be considered, so feel free to consult with the interlibrary loan specialist.

How long will it take to get the materials?

The amount of time varies for requested materials to arrive. The time frame ranges from 3 days to a month or more. Budget your research and time accordingly.

How will I receive and return the materials?

Electronic copies will be emailed to you. Copies are yours to keep.

Materials other than copies, such as books, must be picked up at the Corette Library. We will contact you when the requested material arrives. Items must be picked up and returned to the Library Circulation Desk by the due date.

Items that are requested and not picked up are subject to an eight dollar ($8.00) handling fee.

Can I renew the material?

Interlibrary Loan - RENEWALS MUST BE REQUESTED BEFORE THE DUE DATE. Renewals vary depending on the policy of each lending library. In order to renew an item, please call the Interlibrary Loan Office 406-447-4343 or email three (3) days before the due date. Some libraries renew for a short period of time and some will not allow renewals. Be prepared to return the item right away if a renewal is not granted. Interlibrary Loan materials will accrue overdue fees of $0.50 per day/book.

Copyright Restrictions

The Copyright Law of the United States (Title17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material.

What should I know about Copyright?

Corette Library follows the CONTU Guidelines for inter-library loan.

Electronic Submission of Forms

The Corette Library accepts the electronic submission of ILL requests via the Montana Library Network (MLN), selected FirstSearch databases, and our own electronic form.

Bibliographic citations must be accurate, complete and verified. Problem citations should be referred to a reference librarian.

Submission of an ILL request via the MLN implies the user's knowledge of, understanding of, and willingness to comply with all provisions of the Corette Library Interlibrary Borrowing Policy. Any questions should be referred to a staff librarian. 


All current students, faculty and staff of Carroll College may use Interlibrary Loan services.

Fees and Charges

Corette Library pays approximately thirty-five dollars ($35.00) for each request in incidental such as postage and administrative paperwork. The library absorbs the cost and does not pass the cost on to the student. On occasion, material is requested for which our library is being billed an additional cost; in such a case Corette Library may ask you to absorb part of the cost. Corette Library will never accept charges on your behalf without your express prior agreement. Overdue Interlibrary Loan materials accrue fines of fifty cents ($.50) per day/book. The Corette Library will charge fines for items not returned on time and replacement costs and fees for lost items. Requesters may be charged for failure to pick up ILL items.

Request Forms

Forms may be filled out electronically.

Paper request forms are available at the Circulation Desk or from the reference librarians. Submitted forms must be complete, accurate and legible. Forms must be signed indicating a willingness to comply with this policy.

The library may contact you to verify any questionable request that is submitted.