Carroll College, Helena Montana


Policies - Collection Management - Subject Areas Collected


LC Class Division  Current Future
A Minimal Minimal
B-BD, BF, BH-BX Basic Study
C Minimal Minimal. C and CB, Basic
D Minimal Study
E Minimal Study
F Minimal Basic, F726-740 - Study
G Minimal Basic, GV - Study
H-HX Minimal Study
J Minimal Study
K Minimal Minimal
L Minimal L-LC Study; LD-LT Minimal
M Minimal Minimal
N Minimal Basic
P-PM Minimal P-PA Basic; PB-PM Minimal
PN-PZ Minimal Study
Q Minimal, QD, QH-QL Basic Study, QB, QC, QE Basic
R-RD, RG-RJ, RM-RS Minimal, R-RC Basic Basic, RA RC, Study
RE-RF, RK-RL Out of Scope Out of Scope
RT Study Study
RV-RZ Minimal Minimal
S Minimal Minimal
T Minimal Minimal, TA-TE Study
U Minimal Minimal
V Out of Scope Out of Scope
Z Minimal Minimal




The key to the collection levels is adapted from the Montana State Library's collection management policy format. The levels are:


Out of Scope Library does not actively collect in this area
Minimal Uneven, limited collection
Basic Up-to-date collection that will introduce the reader to the subject and indicate the varieties of information available elsewhere
Study Collection adequate to support undergraduate instruction and sustained independent study
Research Includes all the major published source material required for dissertation research