Carroll College, Helena Montana


Chronological Coverage

The retention period for items in the collection varies from subject to subject. For example theological material is held indefinitely, while items related to health are generally held 5 years. Classic works and items listed in anthologies, indices, etc. are held indefinitely.


The library considers information in any appropriate format. Currently the library collects the following types of materials: Monographs (hardbound, paperback, and online), periodicals (paper and online), sound and video recordings (DVDs) and photographic images. The library subscribes to online databases.

The Library usually does not collect textbooks. Exceptions are made for faculty recommendations and when the textbook is the best or only acceptable source of information.


The Library collects materials in foreign languages primarily to support the foreign languages department.

Budget / Funding

The library’s budget is drawn from the College general revenues, which are largely based upon student tuition. The library receives limited additional funding through grants and gifts.

Acquisition Practices and Policies

Faculty, staff, administration and students are encouraged to suggest items for purchase. The library director has the final decision on purchases. When selecting materials for acquisition the library considers audience, reviews, cost, subject balance and representation of diverse viewpoints.

Items given to the library are added to the collection at the discretion of the library staff. Gifts will be acknowledged upon request but not evaluated. Items not selected for inclusion in the collection may be offered to other libraries. The library only accepts unconditional gifts.


The library uses various bibliographic tools in discarding materials. The library involves faculty in the process. Some of the items considered for discard are out-of-date materials, unnecessary duplicates, material in poor physical condition or materials no longer relevant to the curriculum. The staff will consider replacing out-of-date items and items in poor physical condition.


In case of a complaint, the complainant is referred to the library director. A written complaint must be submitted in order for the Library to consider the complaint. A complainant must read/listen/view the entire work in question before submitting a written complaint. The written complaint must include the name and address of the complainant, a description of the work in question, and the nature of the complaint.

The library staff will examine the item in question. Published reviews will be examined; the item will be read/listened/viewed individually by staff members. The complaint and staff recommendation will be given to the library committee. After reviewing the material, a decision will be made to retain or discard the item. Decisions will be based upon the collection development policy as a whole.