Carroll College, Helena Montana


Mission Statement

The Corette Library supports the Carroll College Mission Statement and provides for the informational needs of the Carroll College community.

Purpose of Policy

  • Preparation of annual budget.
  • This policy will be examined with regard to accreditation reviews.
  • The library staff and college library committee will examine this policy as new services and major purchases are considered.
  • This policy will be available for reading and comments by any member of the Carroll College community.
  • This policy will be used for making decisions concerning cooperative collection management.

User Groups

The primary users of the Corette Library are the students, faculty, and staff of the college. Currently there are approximately 1,300 FTE students, over 100 full-time and adjunct faculty, and over 100 staff members including administration. Only students, faculty, and staff have full access to the Corette Library and its services.

Secondary users of the Corette Library include any Montana public library cardholder and any member of a CASLIM institution. Privileges are limited to the general collection, in-house use of periodical and reference collections and basic reference service.

User Needs

The Corette Library strives to meet the majority of the needs of the Carroll Community. The Library fulfills primary user needs by having as many resources onsite and via remote electronic access as budget allows and by identifying (through indices and databases) and obtaining (via ILL) holdings of other institutions.

The Carroll Community needs information in any format that is easily accessible, free or inexpensive and retrieved in a timely manner.

The Corette Library seeks out new and innovative services to meet the changing needs of the community. The Corette Library considers all formats with the exception of computer software. When software is requested for purchase, the request is forwarded to the IT for consideration. The campus library committee made this exception.

The Corette Library participates in a number of interlibrary loan systems to increase the number of information resources available. The library has access to OCLC, NNLM Docline and other holding lists. The library maintains a homepage on the World Wide Web, which provides links to appropriate websites.

Collection Description, and Growth

The general collection includes

  • 85,000 print titles
  • 75 current print periodical subscriptions and over
  • 400 inactive title holdings
  • 1500 DVD and videocassette titles
  • Electronic databases (complete list maintained on web pages)

Special collections include:

  • Juvenile literature
  • Carroll College theses
  • Carroll College archives
  • Federal Documents Depository Collection

The goal of the long-range plan is to add 1,000 items per year but due to budget constraints the goal has yet to be achieved. Retrospective conversion (Recon) of the older collection continues.

The materials selected for the collection support the curriculum of the college. The library purchases items appropriate to an undergraduate student level. Carroll College emphasizes teaching and not research by the faculty. The library purchases items for faculty research as the budget allows. The library supports faculty research through computerized data base searches and interlibrary loan service.

Cooperative Agreements / Interlibrary Loan

The Corette Library coordinates with other libraries in Helena through formal and informal collection management agreements. The Corette Library reviews interlibrary loan statistics to identify possible additions to the collection.