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About Kelly Cline

My home town is Homer, Alaska, where moose wander through the front yard, where bald eagles casually drift by, and where our windows look out across the blue expanse of Katchemak Bay to the Kenai Mountains and the glaciers that spill out of each valley reaching toward the green forests of Sitka Spruce. As I tell everyone I meet: Homer is THE most stunningly beautiful place in the world! (More Alaska Pictures.)

My wife is Jamie Katherine Harmon: Originally from La Grande, Oregon, where we met in college, Jamie studied elementary education at Eastern Oregon University and completed a masters degree in library and information management, from Emporia State University. She has worked for the Lyons Depot Library in Lyons, Colorado as well as the Montana State Library here in Helena. She is currently taking care of our four delightful children: Alma Fiona Cline, born November 12, 2005, Timothy Gardner Cline, born June 10, 2009, Kyle Roberts Cline born June 11, 2011, and Rowan Alexander Cline, born February 27, 2015. 

My sister Erin Cline received her doctorate from the philosophy department at Baylor University, and now teaches in Georgetown University's Department of Theology, where she focuses on Chinese philosophy, Confucian and Daoist thoughts on virtues and moral psychology. Her husband Michael Ryan Slater, received his doctorate in religious studies from Brown University, is also teaching at Georgetown, and has authored the book William James on Ethics and Faith from Cambridge University Press. Before moving to Homer, my parents, Mike and Dotty Cline, taught for many years in the Alaska bush. My father earned his doctorate in anthropology from the University of Oregon, studying the effects of the schools in Alaska and authoring the book Tannik school: The impact of education on the Eskimos of Anaktuvuk Pass. My parents, now retired from teaching, are enjoying life in Southcentral Alaska, gardening, fishing, and watching the moose. They both authored essays about life in Alaska that were published in the book Invisible Ink. They are great world travelers, making trips to Peru, South Africa, China, New Zealand, and many other exotic places over the past few years.