Here's a picture that my Father took of the Moon setting over Mount Iliamna:

Halibut fishing: June 2008

Halibut fishing, July, 2007

After Hiking Up to Grewingk Glacier (June, 2004)

In China Poot Bay (June, 2004)

Seining for Pink Salmon (July, 2004)

Tutka Bay (July, 2004)

Blooming Fireweed (July, 2004)

A Really Nice Halibut (July, 2002)

Halibut and Salmon (July, 2002)

Halibut Fishing: 2000

The view out our front window


Mt. St. Augustine

Chocolate Drop from the Spit

In the Front Yard

Mt. Iliamna

Mt. Redoubt

Mt. St. Augustine

Portage Area Mountains

Pioneer Peak

Barry Arm

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