Carroll College, Helena Montana

Dr. Kelly Cline

Dr. Kelly Cline

Upcoming Evening Public Lectures

  • "The New Horizons Mission to Pluto" September 10, 7pm
  • "Discovering the Birth of a Galaxy"October 15, 7pm
  • "Searching for Dark Energy" November 19, 7pm

More Information

Dr. Kelly Slater Cline

Associate Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy
Department of Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science
Carroll College
1601 N. Benton Avenue
Helena, MT 59625

Office: (406) 447-4451
Location: Borromeo Hall 140

Fall 2015

  • ENGR/PHYS 155A:  Robotics and Experimental Physics
  • MA 131A:  Calculus of Single Variable Functions
  • MA 207D:  Elemenary Statistics
  • MA 315A:  Probability and Statistics