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grateful saints

Grateful Saints

Senior Grateful Saints - Make an impact!

Make an impactSeniors - make an impact! Our gifts ensure the Carroll experience will continue for future students. There are three ways to give:

  • Give online
  • Give in person to a Senior Grateful Saints Leader
  • Give on February 27 in the Upper Campus Center

Be recognized for your commitment to Carroll with a star on your alumni brick—make your donation of $20.14 or more by February 28, 2014.

Grateful Saints

Carroll’s Student Philanthropy Education Program

stu·dent—stood’nt, noun
1. person studying: somebody who studies at a school, college, or university
2. knowledgeable or interested person: somebody who has studied or takes much interest in a particular subject

phi-lan-thro-py— fi-lan-thruh-pe, noun
1. the effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind, as by charitable aid or donations
2. the giving of your time, talent, or treasure

ed·u·ca·tion— èjj káysh’n, noun
1. educating: the imparting and acquiring of knowledge through teaching and learning, especially at a school or similar

Grateful Saints

Grateful SaintsIf you are a Carroll student who is grateful for student scholarships, financial aid help, going to school on a beautiful campus, having updated labs and computers on campus, having great professors, Carroll’s recreational facilities, renovations in residence halls, Carroll’s library... then you are a GRATEFUL SAINT!

Grateful Saints are students who are appreciative of their Carroll experience as a whole. These students realize that Carroll would not be the place it is today without the support of donors. Donors have given hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout the years to ensure that Carroll students receive the best education possible. Donors include alumni, parents, and friends of Carroll, faculty and staff members, local businesses, corporations, foundations and members of the senior class. These donors truly care about you and your education. Funds are raised for Carroll students through the IMPACT Annual Fund. Contributions to the IMPACT Annual Fund support every Carroll student’s education. Even if you pay all tuition costs and didn’t receive financial aid, your education was subsidized by these gifts. Annual Fund donors have enabled the college to strengthen its programs for the benefit of every student.

Contributors to your education are dedicated to continuing Carroll College’s tradition of excellence. They are proud to see what quality education students at Carroll receive and are eager to see Carroll’s outstanding reputation continue. Take a moment to realize how many people have given their time and treasure to ensure your education is nothing short of excellent. Take a moment to be a Grateful Saint!

Get involved and show that you are a Grateful Saint.

  • Be a Grateful Saints Ambassador—Tell other students the impact that donors have made on your Carroll experience
  • Participate in TAG (Tribute to All who Give) Week’s Photo Contest
  • Write a thank you to a donor during TAG (Tribute to All who Give) Week
  • During your senior year:
    • Serve on the Senior Grateful Saints committee
    • Give back to the Senior Grateful Saints Campaign

Grateful Students Giving Back

by Courney Jones via

Although some college students may be living on Ramen noodles and have the reputation of being penniless and poor, seniors at many colleges and universities have been able to scrounge up extra money prior to graduation for their soon-to-be alma maters.

Campaigns urging seniors to give back are a popular trend around the country.  These student philanthropy programs are designed to educate students, and encourage them to appreciate the many donors who impacted their college experience.

One college promoting the concept is Carroll College in Helena, Mont.  According to Kellie Goebel, from Carroll’s Office of Institutional Advancement, the school wants students to start the tradition of giving the year they graduate. Read more »

10 reasons

Alumni Support the IMPACT Annual Fund

  1. Tuition only covers about 70% of the actual cost of your Carroll education. The
    funds that the IMPACT Annual Fund provides each year is one of the few sources of income bridging the gap between what tuition provides and the total operating budget. Generous alumni support strengthens the Carroll experience for all
  2. 98% of all Carroll students will receive some type of financial aid this year. Carroll is responding to the continued need for assistance by families, and to make Carroll as competitive as possible in recruiting the most academically qualified students regardless of their financial circumstances.
  3. To enable Carroll to retain and attract outstanding faculty who are the best within
    their chosen profession, including 12 Fulbright Scholars.
  4. Alumni giving rates serve as the measure by which corporations and foundations
    rate alumni involvement. This is a major consideration for these groups when
    making major gifts to colleges and universities.
  5. College guidebooks such as U.S.News and World Report, Barrons, and Fiske use alumni giving participation rates as a sole criterion to rate alumni satisfaction when completing overall institutional quality ratings. To assure Carroll maintains a top ranking, we must increase our alumni participation rate.
  6. The rankings noted in #5 above also serve to increase the value of a degree from Carroll and hence…your degree.
  7. Some of the areas that depend on support from annual gifts are: innovative academic programs, student scholarships, faculty teaching and research, campus technology, and much more.
  8. Because annual giving makes a substantial impact. Consider, it would take an additional $10 million in the endowment to support what the IMPACT Annual Fund gifts provide each year.
  9. To reaffirm their commitment to Carroll and its mission.
  10. Because one student like you, educated at Carroll, can positively impact the lives of thousands.