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Grateful Saints

Senior Grateful Saints

Seniors - let's pay it forward.

Your gift to the Senior Grateful Saints Campaign will support Carroll students; just as alumni have given to support your education. Each and every moment you have had on campus from move-in day to finals week, studying at the library to sporting events has shaped the person you are today. By giving during the Senior Grateful Saints campaign you will be creating the opportunity for others to have great experiences as a Carroll Saint. Join your fellow seniors and make your gift today!

To be recognized for your commitment to Carroll during graduation weekend, make a donation of $20.16 or more by March 4, 2016.

You can also give to a specific fund that you care about. Read more about what you can give to at Carroll College and the ways you can give.

Give Now

TAG Week

It's Thanks to All who Give (TAG) Week!

This is your opportunity to thank donors who have made a gift to support your Carroll experience!  Thank you postcards and drop boxes can be found at the front desks of Guad, Trinity, St. Charles and the Cube. You can also stop by the Cube on Wed. from 10:30-2:30 to fill out your thank you note.

Donors have taken the time out of thier busy schedules to write a check supporting Carroll... now it's your turn to take the time to say THANK YOU!

 Grateful CC students writing thank you notes to CC donors

Philanthropy surrounds us here at Carroll..... This week let's show that we are GRATEFUL SAINTS!

We are Grateful Saints

Carroll’s Student Philanthropy Education Program

stu·dent—stood’nt, noun
1. person studying: somebody who studies at a school, college, or university
2. knowledgeable or interested person: somebody who has studied or takes much interest in a particular subject

phi-lan-thro-py— fi-lan-thruh-pe, noun
1. the effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind, as by charitable aid or donations
2. the giving of your time, talent, or treasure

ed·u·ca·tion— èjj káysh’n, noun
1. educating: the imparting and acquiring of knowledge through teaching and learning, especially at a school or similar

Tomorrow Made Possible

Questions about the Grateful Saints


Kellie Dold
(406) 447-4321

Why I Give Back

Think about the last seven semesters. Think about your four (or maybe more) years in college. Picture your friends, remember that most embarrassing moment? That time you scrambled to turn in an assignment or cram for a test you absolutely felt like you were going to bomb? Now think of that time you absolutely rocked whatever you were doing at that very moment. I think we all have experiences here that cross over in one way or another. Now think about that one professor or group of professors, think about the most important thing you learned from them. Remembering your college experience is such a powerful exercise.

Here’s my story: Coming from Tacoma, WA to Carroll I had absolutely no idea how to harness my interests and turn it into success. Before my freshman year ended, I had already found the answers I was looking for. Never before had I thought I could meet people who expressed as much passion for teaching and passion for their field than the professors I had my first year. This is why I am choosing to give back to Carroll. Many of our professors have given up much of their professional careers to witness that spark within their classrooms. Their greatest achievements as professors are most often times through their students, we should thank them for that and ensure future Carroll students get the opportunity to sit in their classes and find their passions. Zane Clark, Class of 2016

Am I a Grateful Saint?

Grateful SaintsIf you are a Carroll student who is grateful for student scholarships, financial aid help, going to school on a beautiful campus, having updated labs and computers on campus, having great professors, Carroll’s recreational facilities, renovations in residence halls, Carroll’s library... then you are a GRATEFUL SAINT!

Grateful Saints are students who are appreciative of their Carroll experience as a whole. These students realize that Carroll would not be the place it is today without the support of donors. Donors have given hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout the years to ensure that Carroll students receive the best education possible. Donors include alumni, parents, and friends of Carroll, faculty and staff members, local businesses, corporations, foundations and members of the senior class. These donors truly care about you and your education. Funds are raised for Carroll students through the IMPACT Annual Fund. Contributions to the IMPACT Annual Fund support every Carroll student’s education. Even if you pay all tuition costs and didn’t receive financial aid, your education was subsidized by these gifts. Annual Fund donors have enabled the college to strengthen its programs for the benefit of every student.

Contributors to your education are dedicated to continuing Carroll College’s tradition of excellence. They are proud to see what quality education students at Carroll receive and are eager to see Carroll’s outstanding reputation continue. Take a moment to realize how many people have given their time and treasure to ensure your education is nothing short of excellent. Take a moment to be a Grateful Saint!

Ways to give to the Senior Grateful Saints

  • Give online here
  • Drop off your gift in St. Albert’s Hall room 211
  • Enclose your check or cash in the envelope you received and drop it in the mail.

Can I give to something specific at Carroll?

You can designate your gift to any of the following funds. To make a designation, write the fund name on your pledge envelope or, when giving online, select “apply gift to other” and note your designation. If you do not note a designation your gift will go to Carroll’s IMPACT Annual Fund to support student scholarships.

  • Anthrozoology—Mind, Body, Spirit Campaign
  • Art Department Fund
  • ASCE Student Chapter Fund
  • Biology Department Fund
  • Buildings & Grounds Fund
  • Business & Economics
  • Department Fund
  • CAMP Fund
  • Campus Ministry Fund
  • Chapel—Mind, Body, Spirit Campaign
  • Cheerleading Fund
  • Chemistry Department Fund
  • Circle K Club Fund
  • Communications
  • Department Fund
  • Computer Science
  • Department Fund
  • Counseling Services Fund
  • Cross Country Fund
  • Dance Team
  • Debate & Forensic Team Fund
  • Education Department Fund
  • Enactus Fund
  • Engineering Restricted Fund
  • Engineers without Borders Fund
  • English Department Fund
  • Environmental Studies
  • Program Fund
  • Equestrian Team Fund
  • Fast-pitch Softball Fund
  • Fine Arts Fund
  • Football Fund
  • Gear Up Program Fund
  • Golf Program Fund
  • Green Team Restricted Fund
  • Headlights Community Service Fund
  • Health Sciences Fund
  • History Department Fund
  • Hunthausen Activity Center—Mind, Body, Spirit Campaign
  • IMPACT Annual Fund—for student scholarships
  • International Program Fund
  • Language Department Fund
  • Library—Mind, Body, Spirit Campaign
  • Math Modeling Contest Restricted Fund
  • Math, Engineering & Physics Fund
  • Men’s Basketball Fund
  • Men’s Soccer Fund
  • Music Department Fund
  • Nursing Department Fund
  • Outreach Club Fund
  • Pep Band/Jazz Band Fund
  • Philosophy Department Fund
  • Physics Department Fund
  • Political Science Fund
  • Psychology Department Fund
  • Saints Athletic Golf Fund
  • Sociology Department Fund
  • Student Activities Fund
  • Student Career Center Fund
  • Student Government Fund
  • Study Abroad Program Fund
  • Theatre Department Fund
  • Theology Department Fund
  • Volleyball Fund
  • Women’s Basketball Fund
  • Women’s Soccer Fund