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Scholarships-New Students

2017-2018 Merit Awards

  New Freshmen Students Example 1 Example 2

Bishop Carroll Scholarship: $19,000 

4.0 GPA
29 ACT or
1375 SAT
3.25 GPA
36 ACT or
1600 SAT

Presidential Scholarship: $17,000

4.0 GPA
24 ACT or
1190 SAT
3.5 GPA
29 ACT or
1375 SAT

Trustee Scholarship: $16,000

 3.7 GPA
23 ACT or
1150 SAT
3.2  GPA
27 ACT or
1300 SAT

All Saints Award: $14,000 

 3.5 GPA
21 ACT or
1075 SAT
3.0 GPA
23 ACT or
1150 ACT

Founders Award: $12,000


 3.3 GPA
19 ACT or
995 SAT
2.8 GPA
21 ACT or
1075 SAT

Bishop Carroll, Presidential, Trustee, All Saints, and Founders Scholarships/Awards are limited to 4 years of study. Students must be in good academic standing and be enrolled full-time to retain the award.

As part of the application to Carroll College, incoming freshman students are automatically considered for one of our Freshman Merit Awards.  These awards are based upon the student's cumulative high school GPA and either ACT or SAT test scores. To obtain an estimated merit award, use the Net Price Calculator Tool.  Institutional gift aid is available for fall and spring semesters only and is not available for study abroad programs.  

Montana Advantage Award

New first -year students that are from Montana (graduated from a Montana high school) and have filed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by December 1, 2016 will be offered a $2,000 Montana Advantage Award.  Receipt of athletic scholarships will reduce or may cancel this award.  The award is renewable for up to 3 years. 


New Transfer Students
  • Presidential Transfer Scholarship: $12,000
    3.5 to 4.0 transfer college GPA
  • Trustee Transfer Scholarship: $10,000
    3.0 to 3.49 transfer college GPA
  • All Saints Transfer Award: $8,000
    2.5 to 2.99  transfer college GPA

Transfer students are automatically considered for one of our Transfer Merit Awards.  These awards are based upon an academic college GPA calculated at time of admission.  The award is renewable for up to six semesters (3 years) until graduation.  Students must be in good academic standing and be enrolled full-time to retain the award.

Montana Transfer Associates Award

New transfer students who have successfully completed at least two full-time semesters at a 2 year, Montana college (community, technical, tribal) and have a minimum college GPA of 2.50 qualify for a $2,000 per year award. The award is offered for up to 3 consecutive full-time years. Students must be in good academic standing and be enrolled full-time to retain the award. Receipt of athletic scholarships will reduce or may cancel the Montana Transfer Associates Award.   Eligible 2- year colleges in Montana include: Aaniiih Nakoda College, Blackfeet Community College, Chief Dull Knife College, Dawson Community College, Flathead Valley Community College, Fort Peck Community College, Gallatin College MSU, Little Bighorn College, Miles Community College, Highlands College, City College MSU Billings, Great Falls College MSU, Salish Kootenai College, Stone Child College, Helena College UM, and Missoula College UM.

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship

New transfer students may be eligible for a Carroll College Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship.  Transfer students selected to Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society, which recognizes outstanding academic achievement by students who attended community college are eligible for this scholarship. 

Students must indicate membership in Phi Theta Kappa on their application for admission, they must be enrolled full-time and maintain good academic standing to receive this renewable scholarship. The Phi Theta Kappa award amount is $2,000 which is renewable up to 3 consecutive full-time years.  Students must be in good academic standing and be enrolled full-time to retain the award.

Estimate Your Financial Aid

In addition to merit scholarships and awards, financial need is considered for students who submit a Federal FAFSA. To get a sneak peek at what aid you may be eligible for complete our Net Price Calculator.  The net price calculator is designed to be used by incoming freshman level students. 

Carroll College Scholarships

Incoming Freshmen accepted for admission and enrolled full-time may be eligible to apply for the following Carroll College Scholarship opportunities.


Carroll College Scholarships
Estimated value of award
Application Deadline
How to apply
Carroll College Service Leadership Scholarship Scholarship is intended for high-achieving students committed to local, community or global service. Applicants must have a minimum 3.5 HS GPA and a minimum ACT composite test score of 25 or 1230 SAT score.  Seven recipients will be selected to receive a $4,000 scholarship each. December 1, 2016 Download
Carroll College Dr. J. Murray and Margaret Sterling Brooke Memorial Scholarship Residents from the Ronan/St. Ignatius MT area that are/or will be enrolled full-time at Carroll.  $1,000 to $3,000 February 1, 2017 Download
Carroll College Family Tuition Allowance Grant Students with two or more eligible family members enrolled full-time at Carroll during the same term. $1,000/year per eligible student.  Maximum of 4 years or 8 semesters per each eligible student. February 1, 2017 Download
Carroll College Matched Education Savings Account Program Full-time MT student with earned income and low family income. $4,000 Application deadline is rolling. Download Application here.

Carroll College Parish Scholarship Full-time MT Students active in a MT Catholic parish.  This scholarship is for newly accepted Carroll students. $1,000 Carroll College scholarship.  Student's parish has the option of matching all or a portion of the Carroll scholarship. February 1, 2017 Download
Carroll College Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship for Transfer Students New Transfer students who are members of Phi Theta Kappa.  Students $2,000 Renewed up to 3 years. Students must indicate membership in Phi Theta Kappa on their application for admission. Contact Office of Admission for more details.
Carroll College Bishop George Leo Thomas Scholarship New First time students
who are US citizens, legal
residents or DREAMers who have earned a 3.5
cumulative GPA in high school, are enrolled full time and belong to one or more of the following:
  • African American
  • American Indian/Alaska Native
  • Asian American/Pacific Islander
  • Hispanic American

Five recipeints will be awarded $5,000.  The
scholarsip will be 
renewed up to 3 years if a 3.00 GPA is maintained at Carroll


Financial need will be

Priority Deadline is December 1, 2016. Application
for admission
and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)should be submitted for priority consideration by December 1, 2016.
Horatio Alger Scholarship Match Recipients of the
need-based state
or national Horatio Alger Scholarship
$1,400 State Winners/$4,400 National Winners Refer to  the  Horatio Alger website for details on the 2016-2017 application cycle. Apply online through the Horatio Alger website
National Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) Scholarship Recipients of the NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing are eligible for a $1,000 one-time scholarship from Carroll College.  Student must be accepted to Carroll and major in Computer Science or Computer Information Systems $1,000 scholarship Carroll must be notified by February 1, 2017. Recipients of the NCWIT Scholarship must notify Carroll by February 1, 2017 to qualify for the Carroll College scholarship.
ROTC Program Carroll College Army ROTC offers full-ride Army ROTC scholarships Scholarships available for full tuition and fees. Monthly stipends range from $300-$500/month, increasing with academic standing.  Book stipends are $1,200. Refer to the ROTC Program page. ROTC Program Page
Sage Tuition Rewards Program Earn points that are used as discounts off tuition. Estimated value varies. Application deadline is rolling. Visit the SAGE Tuition Rewards website.
Yellow Ribbon Program for Veterans Must be entitled to the maximum benefit rate-100% (based upon service requirements) for the Post 9/11 GI Bill. Estimated value of award is $33,192 plus a stipend for books and housing. Refer to the Veterans Affairs Yellow Ribbon web page, and complete the  Military Benefits Questionnaire Veterans Affairs website.
Youth Serve Montana Scholarship Awarded to  Montana high school students.  Applicants must have completed 100 volunteer hours within a 12 month time. $1,000 The 2016-2017 application deadline has passed.  Visit the Youth Serve website for updates to apply for the 2017 scholarships. Visit the Youth Serve website for application materials.

Paying for College

We would like to help you work through the maze of financial aid. Carroll's financial aid packages average $25,056. Aid may include Carroll scholarships and awards, federal grants and loans and work-study jobs.

2016-2017 Financial Aid Budget

Direct Costs Full Time Tuition $32,212
  Room and Board $9,582
  Fixed Fees $980
Total Direct Costs   $42,776

Total Cost of Attendance is estimated to be $47,298, which includes allowances for books and supplies, personal expenses, and transportation. Allowances are not billed to the student.

Financial Aid Checklist
   Apply for Admission.
 √    Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  An online application is available at  You must complete a FAFSA to be considered for need-based aid (including 
 federal student loans).  On the FAFSA, indicate Carroll College's Federal School Code 002526 so we can receive the Student Aid Report.
   Respond to any college request for additional information.
 √  After you have been accepted and Carroll receives your Student Aid Report you will receive your financial aid award notification.
   Respond to the college's financial aid offer.
   If you have accepted a student loan(s), complete and sign a Master Promissory Note (MPN), per the college's instructions.

 If your parent plans to do a parent loan, they must complete and sign a Master Promissory Note (MPN) per the college's instructions.

   Submit your enrollment reservation deposit to the Carroll Office of Admission.
   Register for classes.
   Respond to the Carroll Business Office when you receive your semester billing statement and arrange for final payment.


Please contact us at


Avg Fin Aid Package

Gift Aid Guarantee

Carroll Activities

These awards include: Athletics, Forensics, Performing Arts, Student Government, Cheerleading, etc.

Awards are made by the individual coach or department. For information on athletic scholarships, contact the individual coach:

- Carson Cunningham, 406-447-5519

- Rachelle Sayers, 406-447-4489


- Bennett MacIntyre, 406-447-4374


- Mike Van Diest, 406-447-4485


- Maureen Boyle, 406-447-4487


- David Thorvilson, 406-447-5518

Aaron Jackson, 406-447-4480

Doug Mello, 406-447-4480

Harry Clark, 406-447-4486

Harry Clark, 406-447-4486

CHORAL (CC CHOIR, CHAMBER CHOIR)-Robert Psurney, 406-447-4807

-Fr. Marc Lenneman, 406-447-4869

-Lynn Peterson, 406-447-4303

-Patrick Harris, 406-447-4380

-Chuck Driscoll, 406-447-4309

-Brent Northrup, 406-447-5400

-Brent Northrup, 406-447-5400

-Jamie Jones, 406-447-5483

Jeff Morris, 406-447-4361

JoAnn Maffit, 406-447-5442

Carroll College Distinctions and Rankings

Carroll College is a top value!  We consistently receive high rankings in U.S. News and Military Friendly Schools publications.  To learn more, visit Carroll's Distinctions and Rankings page.

Student Perspective

Virginia Keil, a senior from Portland, OR, majoring in History for Secondary Education with a Minor in Special Education. 

"I always knew that I was going to attend Carroll College.  When I came to visit my brother and sister who were already attending Carroll, I knew it was the place for me."

"At first I didn't really understand all that went into funding a private, Catholic college education, but since working in the Financial Aid Office, I've learned so much about it.  I have learned a lot more about what goes into financing my college education and how I can manage paying for it.  Completing the LifeSkills online courses offered by the Financial Aid Office really put a lot of things into perspective for me and helped me become more conscious about how I will pay for other expenses in my life."

"The Financial Aid Office staff are awesome people who have been great to get to know.  I am truly grateful for their commitment to all students at Carroll and most importantly for the opportunity they have given me in working for them."


Students Working on 2nd Bachelor's Degrees

Carroll College does not offer any institutional need-based grants or scholarships to students who choose to pursue a second undergraduate degree.

Federal Direct Stafford Loans
Students returning to work on a 2nd undergraduate degree will only be able to borrow under the Federal Direct Stafford Loan Program as undergraduates. Please note that there is an aggregate loan limit for undergraduate studies. This limit is not extended for students returning for a second undergraduate degree.

The Department of Education sets a "maximum time frame" for undergraduate students to complete an undergraduate degree. Students who have chosen to return to school to complete a SECOND undergraduate degree can only receive federal student loan funds for courses required to complete a second undergraduate degree.