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Life Skills

Life Skills

GradMany students do not have the opportunity to learn financial skills in school or at home.  Carroll College is committed to providing resources on how to manage your money and create financial  freedom for our students.  This resource will provide you with the necessary tools to successfully manage your finances.

Life Skills is a FREE web based, self-directed financial literacy program that provides students with financial information, tips, and skills necessary to be financially successful. Carroll College partners with USA Funds to provide this service.  The interactive format helps students connect with realistic content that relates to their everyday college experiences and helps them successfully navigate the world of money. Students have online access to important financial information throughout their academic careers to reinforce time and financial management skills beyond higher education.

The curriculum covers the following topics:

  • Incoming freshman, 100 level lessons are for you!  They will help you find resources to pay for college, understand the steps required to apply for financial aid and prepare to repay your student loans.
  • Current students, 200 level lessons are for you! They will help you manage your school and personal life by creating and living on a budget, selecting the right program of study and setting career, financial and educational goals.
  • Are you getting ready to graduate?
             - 300 level lessons are for you! They will help you search for
               a job, prepare for an interview and understand the details
               related to life after graduation.
             - 400 level lessons will help you manage your debt including
               credit cards, understand credit scores and reports, protect
               yourself from identity theft, and maximize your savings
             - 600 level lessons will help you survive and pay for graduate
               school, and manage debt during school and prepare
               for life after graduate school.
  • Are you married?  700 level lessons will help couples — where
    at least one person is enrolled in school — balance time, money and
    relationships with the demands of completing graduate school.

Click here to download the entire course summaries booklet.

Before beginning your Life Skills session below, write down the following codes:

  • School Code   00252600
  • Student Access Code 00252600-01 
  • Please note if you do not have a Student ID please put NONE
  • If you are completing lesson(s) for private or PLUS denial loan counseling you must complete the quiz at the end of the lesson with an 80% or higher
  • Download the Life Skills Student Guide

Let's begin to get you financially prepared!   Click here to begin.