Carroll College, Helena Montana

Federal Work Study Questions

Q: What is Federal Work Study?
Federal work-study is awarded to students who have demonstrated financial need as a result of the FAFSA.  Students who are eligible for Federal Work-Study will see the award listed in their financial aid package.  Work-study positions are competitive and students must apply for the jobs just like in the normal job market.  Positions are limited based upon the amount of federal funding Carroll College receives each year.

Q: How can I find a work study job?
Carroll College has a wide variety of student positions.  Positions are available within nearly every academic and administrative department on campus.  A number of off-campus positions with various community service organizations are also available to work study eligible students.  A list of current student job openings is available online at  Under the "Select Job Category", choose "Student", to see a listing of currently available work-study position.  Student employment applications may also be downloaded from this page.

Q: Will I receive credit on my billing statement for work study?
Work study is not credited on a student's billing statement.  Students who are employed under the Federal Work-Study program, and have completed hours during the previous month, receive a monthly paycheck which is issued on the 10th of each month.  Students who are eligible for the Federal Work-Study program generally work 10 hours per week.

Q: How much does work study pay?
All work study jobs pay minimum wage.  Minimum wage is currently $8.05 per hour.