Carroll College, Helena Montana

Study Abroad Questions

Q: What types of aid can I receive for study abroad programs?
In most cases, alternative loans are the only source of funding available.  In some cases, if eligibility remains, Federal Direct Stafford Loans can be awarded.  Federal Direct Stafford Loan eligibility requires that a student be enrolled at least half-time (6 credits.)

Q: How do I apply for study abroad financial aid?
Start at the Study Abroad Office.  Contact the Study Abroad Office to complete the required paperwork.  If you are looking at receiving Federal Financial Aid, a FAFSA application must also be on file with the Financial Aid Office.

Q: When do I apply for Study Abroad financial aid?
As soon as possible.  The Study Abroad Office will forward completed paperwork to the Financial Aid Office.  Paperwork can be processes as soon as trip costs are set by the Study Abroad Office.  Do not wait until the last minute as loans take approximately 4 weeks to process.

Q: I applied for study abroad financial aid and decided not to go on the trip, what do I do about my financial aid offer?
Please notify the Financial Aid Office and request  that your financial aid be canceled for the trip expense.