Carroll Outreach Team

Our Purpose

The mission of COT is to bring together students, faculty, alumni, and other friends of Carroll College to provide direct service and aid to people in need, at home and around the world. Working directly with professionals in health care, engineering, and education, students will provide direct assistance as well as monetary aid to work with organizations or individuals already on the ground in developing countries or areas of need within the U.S.

COT Trips Abroad

Jeremie, Haiti

Dental Outreach December 2009 - provided dental care (fillings, cleaning, and extractions) and dental hygiene education to 300 children, and 100 women and men.

$1000 was wired to Pastor Nicolas of Jeremie, Haiti to be used specifically to purchase bleach necessary to clean water to prevent the spread of cholera after the 2010 earthquake.

50 Chickens were donated to help create a sustainable chicken farming practice and to provide eggs and meat. 

Santo Domingo, Ecuador

Over 400 men, women, and children received dental care, care packages, and education including a majority of children and teens with special needs. Happened over the 2011-2012 winter break over a span of 10 days. 

Mali/Niger, West Africa

Monetary aid donated for the construction of well in village of Maorey.

$500 worth of textbooks and school supplies purchased and donated  to the Maorey school.

Ibaque, Colombia

Dental Outreach December 2010 - provided dental care and dental hygiene education to over 350 children, and 120 adults.


Dental Outreach March 2011 - dental care and education provided for nearly 400 people.

Catacamas, Honduras

Dental Outreach March 2010 – dental care and education provided for 350 children and 150 adults. 


Dental Outreach March 2013 - dental care and education provided for hundreds of people

Dental Outreach Mission

COT and Montana Dental Outreach is teaming up for a trip to Argentina. This trip takes place February 28th and returns on March 9th.  Cost is between $2,200 to $2,600. We are looking for 6 to 10 students to go on this trip. Faculty and Staff are welcome to apply.

For best price apply immediately! Please see the attachment for brochure.

You can download an application online. For interested applicants:
Montana Dental Outreach Teams opens applications for Spring Break 2014! This is the second edition of COT and MDOT in Argentina. “Argentina is different, there is something unique about this place, and this is why we are going back. The students really experience culture and language while helping mankind” (Dr. Robert Thomas Bartoletti, Founder of Montana Dental Outreach Teams.)
This trip will take place in remote villages in the extravagant Province of Jujuy, Argentina. The villages are Tusaquillas and Rinconada, at 3800 meters (12.500 feet) of sea level, and rural populations under 300. Due to elevation, it is recommended that students be in GOOD SHAPE. These areas are in profound need of dental service namely due to poverty, remote location, and lack of effective health care.


Please email Dr. Bartoletti at montanadentaloutreach@ or Gaspar Tognetti ( as soon as possible.