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Carroll Outreach Team

Our Purpose

The mission of COT is to bring together students, faculty, alumni, and other friends of Carroll College to provide direct service and aid to people in need, at home and around the world. Working directly with professionals in health care, engineering, and education, students will provide direct assistance as well as monetary aid to work with organizations or individuals already on the ground in developing countries or areas of need within the U.S.

COT Past Trips with MDOT

Jeremie, Haiti

Dental Outreach December 2009 - provided dental care (fillings, cleaning, and extractions) and dental hygiene education to 300 children, and 100 women and men.

$1000 was wired to Pastor Nicolas of Jeremie, Haiti to be used specifically to purchase bleach necessary to clean water to prevent the spread of cholera after the 2010 earthquake.

50 Chickens were donated to help create a sustainable chicken farming practice and to provide eggs and meat. 

Santo Domingo, Ecuador

Over 400 men, women, and children received dental care, care packages, and education including a majority of children and teens with special needs. Happened over the 2011-2012 winter break over a span of 10 days. 

Mali/Niger, West Africa

Monetary aid donated for the construction of well in village of Maorey.

$500 worth of textbooks and school supplies purchased and donated  to the Maorey school.

Ibaque, Colombia

Dental Outreach December 2010 - provided dental care and dental hygiene education to over 350 children, and 120 adults.


Dental Outreach March 2011 - dental care and education provided for nearly 400 people.

Catacamas, Honduras

Dental Outreach March 2010 – dental care and education provided for 350 children and 150 adults. 


Dental Outreach March 2013 - dental care and education provided for hundreds of people

In the News

College Students Raise Money for Dental Health in Haiti

Hope for HaitiGiving back is more than a resume builder for Carroll College Senior Christa Carter. Carter is Co-President of Carroll Outreach Team, a campus organization she's been part of for three years.

"Giving back is just a huge part of our life. I just want to show other people the importance of giving back. (COT is) just a club on campus that is for volunteering in the community and doing good throughout the world."

C.O.T. is partnering with the dental outreach team to put on the 6th annual "Hope for Haiti 5k". Read more and watch the video

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Water Walk


Instead of the annual Hope for Haiti 5K, COT is putting on an awareness walk for climate change. The Water Walk is on October 2nd at 11:30 am and is open to the Carroll and Helena community. Donations will be accepted to benefit Catholic Relief Service's work in Bolivia, Indonesia, and Ethiopia.

Participants will carry a bucket, which they will fill up at a halfway point, to be in solidarity with those who walk far distances to get clean drinking water.

The walk will feature facts about different countries facing drought and severe climate change, particularly ones which CRS has identified as in extreme need. Additionally, there will be information regarding Carroll's water usage and the drought status of Lewis and Clark County.

Event details and schedule:

  • The walk will begin at 11:30am at the top of Guad Hill. All participants will walk at least .9 miles, stopping at a halfway point to fill up their bucket, but will have the option to walk the full 3.6 miles, the average distance a woman walks in the developing world to collect water.
  • After walkers have completed their loop, whether the full 3.6 miles or just .9, there will be games, music, and prizes on Guad lawn. The games played will use the water students have carried in order to conserve water, and the water will eventually be used to water the practice fields.
  • No pre-registration is required, and the event is free to attend but donations are encouraged!

 This is the first time COT is putting on a Water Walk and not putting on the Hope for Haiti 5K, so any feedback is welcome!

If you have any questions or want more information about Carroll Outreach Team feel free to contact us!

President: Kelly Taft,

Vice President: Amanda Harrod,

Media and Advertising: Katie Foster,

Treasurer: Bryce Samwel,