Carroll College, Helena Montana
Climbing Wall

Climbing Wall

Bouldering Room Now OPEN!!!!

Thanks to everyone for being patient while we fixed a dangerous hazard in the room!
IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO GET THE CODE TO THE ROOM PLEASE CONTACT Brad Maddock at or come down to the Student Activities Office to fill out a waiver and sign an agreement to the rules of the room.

Climbing Wall

Climbing Wall

Carroll College offers a climbing wall on the fourth floor of St. Charles. This climbing wall is open to all students and faculty. To gain access to the climbing wall you must sign an Acknowledgment of Risk Form prior to using the wall. These forms are available through Brad Maddock or one of the CAMP leaders. Once the form is signed, you will be given an access code to enter the climbing room. 

Who: All Carroll College Students and Faculty

What: Use of the Climbing Wall

Where: Fourth Floor (men's) St. Charles

When: You may use the climbing wall during the hours of 9am to 10pm. Please keep the volume down in the mornings and evenings, as there are student dorm rooms adjacent to the climbing walls. 

Contact: To gain access contact Brad Maddock at 406.447.5453 or

The Rules

  1. Sign an acknowledgment of risk form and an acknowledgement of rules form and turn it into either a St. Charles CA from 7-10pm any night of the week, or Brad Maddock in the Student Activities room. Download the form here.
  2. It is highly recommended to climb with a spotter and to move bouldering pads appropriately to protect a fall when climbing.
  3. Climbers are responsible to be aware of their landing zone, any people below them and ensure the area is clear at all times while climbing.
  4. No more than three people climbing at any one time.
  5. No barefoot climbing. Climbing shoes are required and can be borrowed from the St. Charles CA staff from 7-10pm and day of the week. You will be asked to leave your Carroll Student ID and will get it back when the shoes return.
  6. Always be respectful and aware of other climbers on the wall. This includes not grabbing other climbers while they are on the wall, walking underneath them, or throwing objects at them.
  7. Please clean the room after you use it. Put trash in the garbage bag.
  8. Turn off the lights after use.
  9. Ensure the door is locked if you are the last person using the climbing room.
  10. Please contact if there are any loose holds or problems in the room, or if you would like to set routes and move holds around on the wall.