Renting Gear

Rent Gear

Renting Gear

To rent gear, please call the CAMP phone at 406-447-4517 or Zach at 707-548-0657 or Patrick at 406-447-4380. All gear is free to rent to Carroll students and faculty. If the gear is lost or damaged you will need to either replace it or pay for it. Please see below for a list of available gear. 

Available Gear

Backpacking  Items   Rock Climbing  Items   Winter Items   Cooking  Items   Water Items   Other Items
Large Tents (sleeps 4) 5   Carabiners  11   Large Snowshoes   Large Cooking Pot (for large groups)  1   Life Jackets 3   Adventure Medical First Aid Kit and (Only available for CAMP events) 2
Backpacking Tents (sleeps 2-4)   Climbing Ropes 200 ft each  5   Small Snowshoes    Kettle           SPOT GPS Device (Only available for CAMP events) 1
Sleeping Bags    Climbing Harness  8   XC Skis size 8.5 women and 11 men               Boom Box 1
Sleeping Pads   Climbing Slings 3                     Compasses  13
Tarp 50 ft x 100 ft 1   Climbing Belay Device- ATC


                    Map Protractors  16
Tarp 10 ft x 20 ft                           Johnson and Johnson First Aid Kits (Only available for CAMP events)  3
Large Backpacking Packs 12                            Small Day Hike First Aid Kit  1
Jetboil Fuel 16oz                            Motorala Radios (30 mile distance)


Propane Fuel                            Bicycle  1
Large Food Hanging Bags                               
Small Food Hanging Bag                              
Water Holding Bladders 2                              
Water Filters 2                              
Bear Spray 7.9oz 2                              
Bear Hanging Ropes 2                              
Nalgene Bottles 3                              
Mummy Liners  5                              
Backpacking Stove 4                              
Backpacking Pot Set (2 large pots, 1 skillet, and 2 tops) 1                              
Small lantern lights 2