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Alumni Awards

Alumni Hall of Fame Award

The Alumni Hall of Fame Award honors alumni who have given outstanding contributions of time, talent and treasure in distinguished service to his/her community and/or Carroll College.  Eligible alumni include those Carroll alumnus who have completed a minimum of 60 credit hours, faculty members - past or present, or honorary degree recipients.

The following criteria are used for selecting the Alumni Hall of Fame Award -
1. Community Service:  The Alumni Hall of Fame Award may be given to an alumnus or alumna who has made outstanding contributions to human welfare within his or her local community or within an organization with strong regional or national orientation. The depth of a nominee's involvement and the results of that involvement are considered.

2. Service to Carroll:  The Alumni Hall of Fame Award may be given in recognition of long, loyal and outstanding service to the Carroll College community. Consideration will be given to the scope and depth of service and the results of that service.  Geographical proximity will be taken into consideration. (For example, someone who has organized his/her local alumni chapter event would compare favorably with a Helena nominee with multiple opportunities for involvement). 

Carroll College Alumni Hall of Fame Members

1968  J.M. Flinn ('56) Trustee
1968  Msgr. E.J. Riley ('18) President 1932-1951
1969  Msgr. R.V. Kavanagh ('26) President 1951-1957
1969  Dr. Edward W. Neuman ('67)
1970  Msgr. J.J. O'Connor Faculty
1972  Dr. Thomas Clinch ('49)
1975  Msgr. Anthony M. Brown President 1962-1969, Trustee
1976  Patrick P. Murray Faculty
1977  Sr. Eugene Teresa McCarthy Faculty
1979  Archbishop Raymond G. Hunthausen President 1957-1962, Trustee
1979  Dr. James Manion Faculty
1979  Bishop Bernard Topel ('23)
1980 Rev. John Cronin ('30)
1980  Rev. William Greytak ('52) Trustee, Faculty
1980  Msgr. N.C. Hoff President 1920-1932
1981  Rev. Paul Mackin Faculty
1981  Dr. Clarence "Bud" Ryan ('53) Trustee
1982  Dr. Joseph Ward Faculty
1983 Rev. James Hazelton ('49)
1984  Prof. Henry "Hank" Burgess ('51) Faculty
1984  Dr. Joseph Mullen ('49)
1984  Msgr. Hugh O'Neil Faculty
1985  Rev. Patrick Brown ('41) Trustee
1985  Rev. Robert McCarthy ('48)
1986  Prof. Guido Bugni ('57) Faculty
1986  Prof. A.J. Murray Faculty
1986  Dr. Frank P. Nash ('28)
1987  Dr. Ernest W. Bacon Faculty
1987  Leo V. "Skipper" Kelly ('37)
1988  Mr. Victor J. Beneventi ('55)
1988  Mr. John R. McInnis ('59) Trustee
1988  Coach William E. Racicot Faculty
1989  Dr. Charles Brooke ('38)
1989  Mrs. Margaret Stuart Faculty
1990 Dr. Charles Sternhagen ('55)
1991  Dr. Jean Smith Faculty
1992  Mr. William F. Bartholome ('37)
1992  Mr. Leo H. Murphy ('34
1993  Dr. LeRoy Byrd ('60) Trustee
1993  Mr. Charles Mandeville Faculty
1993  Dr. Dan Molloy ('67)
1993  Mr. Don Sullivan ('43)
1994  Mr. Joseph A. Maierle ('29) Trustee
1994  Mrs. Molly J. McHugh  ('54 & '85)
1994  Mr. Leo G. Walchuk ('54) Faculty
1995  Dr. Timothy Dernbach ('68) Trustee
1995  John Downs ('64) Faculty
1995  Bill Huber ('57)
1996  Mr. Raymond Kuntz ('77)
1996  Mr. Donald R. Peoples ('58) Trustee
1996  Mr. Robert E. Sullivan ('39) Trustee
1997  Dr. Harry Smith Faculty
1997  Ms. Dannette M. Sullivan ('72) Faculty
1999  Msgr. Joseph Harrington ('52) President 1969-1974, Trustee, Faculty
2000  Dr. Bernard "Pete" Byrne ('51)
2000  Ms. Margaret Perryman ('69)
2001  Rev. Eugene "Gene" Peoples ('62) Faculty
2003  Ms. Mary Larson ('95)
2005  Sgt. Arthur John Rambo ('67)
2008  Pat Molloy ('75) 
2008 Mark Semmens ('82) Trustee
2009 Gene Boyle ('64)
2009 Harriett Hunthausen ('49)
2009 Ray Messer ('69)
2010 Rose Marie Finnegan ('58)
2010 Rev. Francis "Mac" McInnis ('53)
2011 Rev. Richard Clifford ('48)
2011 Tom Twichel ('57)
2012 Jack Oberweiser ('71)
2013 Terri (Troupe) Temple ('79)
2014 Mike Hurley, ('63)

Alumni Academic Achievement Award

The Alumni Academic Achievement Award is given to Carroll College alumni who have distinguished themselves academically or artistically. Criteria for a nominee should evidence publications, research or honors in the chosen person's field.

Carroll College Alumni Academic Achievement Award Recipients

1986 Dr. Clarence "Bud" Ryan ('53)
1987 Rev. Thomas Flynn ('58)
1988 Dr. Paul Morrow ('57)
1989 Dr. Charles Sih ('53)
1990 Dr. John Connolly ('58)
1991 Rev. James Provost ('59)
1992 Dr. James Walsh ('62)
1993 Rev. James Sullivan ('56)
1994 Dr. Joseph T. Mullen ('49)
1995 Dr. Thomas Morgan ('65)
1996 Dr. Gerald Shields ('66)
1997 Dr. Gale K. Larson ('60)
1997 Rev. Daniel P. Hillen ('65)
1998 Dr. Thomas Longin ('62)
1999 Dr. Dolores Cikrit ('76)
2000 Dr. Kathleen R. Meyer ('68)
2001 Dr. William C.T. Inkret ('79)
2002 Dr. Richard Buswell ('66)
2005 Dr. John Kirwin Werner ('63)
2008 Dr. Richard C. Berberet ('66)
2010 Dr. Michael J. Kelly ('63)
2011 Dr. Joseph Laythe ('87)
2013 Janel (Kuntz) Keating ('86)
2014 Dr. Gerald Harrington ('53-'55)

Young Alumni Award

The Young Alumni Award honors graduates within the past 10 years who best exemplify Carroll's distinguished service and character in their young careers. Selection will be based on a young alums outstanding contributions within his or her community, church and/or profession. 

Young Alumni Award

2008 Dr. Jeffrey Johnson ('98)
2008 Mr. Kris Goss ('02) 
2011 Erin Butts ('03)
2012 Annie Hanshew ('03)
2012 Carrie Anne Platt ('02)
2014 Luke Berger ('02)

To submit a nomination

To submit a nomination for the Alumni Hall of Fame and/or the Young Alumni Award send an e-mail to describing how your nominee has demonstrated outstanding service. Please include the nominees name, your name, address and phone. Also include two letters of recommendation. Supporting materials are optional. 

Nominations need to be received by March 1, 2016 to be considered for the 2016 alumni awards.

To submit a nomination for the Alumni Academic Achievement Award send an e-mail to describing how your nominee has distinguished themselves academically or artistically.  Be sure to indicate evidence of publications, research or honors the nominee has done/received in their chosen field.  Please include the nominee name, your name, address, phone.  Also include two letters of recommendation. Supporting materials are optional. 

Nominations for the Alumni Academic Achievement Award must be received by  March 1, 2016 to be considered for the 2016 alumni awards.

Any nomination may also be sent in the mail to the:

Alumni Relations Office
Carroll College
1601 N. Benton Avenue
Helena, MT  59625

All nomination information and supporting materials submitted will be used solely for the purpose of the alumni awards.