Carroll College, Helena Montana
Life at Carroll

Life @ Carroll

Life @ Carroll College

By the time you graduate from college, you will have spent about 1/5th of your life as a member of that campus. Everyone reminds you that college is the final preparation for your future, for your life. But what about the life you live during that preparation? What about the friends, opportunities, and experiences that will shape the actions of your future self?

Using our hearts

Carroll College strives to be a place where adults are formed, and part of our philosophy is to make students realize what kind of life they should lead. As a Catholic Diocesan college, we’re uniquely positioned to combine the spiritual with the academic, the contemplation with the action. Not only do we reflect on our place in this world, but we act to make the world better for our neighbors. Learn how we use our hearts to shape our minds.

This is your home

But this all sounds pretty heavy-handed. After all, what are you going to do in-between all of your studying and volunteering? We want this campus to feel like your home – better than home, because here, you’ll never be bored. Between clubs, activities, parties, dances and athletics, you’ll wonder if you’re attending a college or a summer camp. Our long history has created a long list of traditions and events, groups and opportunities. No matter how obscure, there’s room for your passion along with your luggage here at Carroll. Turn your hobbies into a lifestyle.

And it all happens on campus

Fifteen buildings spread across forty-five acres of prime real-estate on the edge of downtown Helena, MT. Living on campus is an experience like none you’ll ever encounter again: all of your best friends living within walking distance of your room. With a state’s worth of activities at the tip of your fingers you would think that you’d spend most of your time off campus, but with the wealth of fun to be had at Carroll it’s a wonder anyone makes it home for Christmas. Life doesn't get much better than this.

Higher Causes

Ideal Elevation

Faith at Carroll

Service at Carroll

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