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Faith at Carroll

Faith @ Carroll

Faith @ Carroll

Rooted in an ecumenical tradition, Carroll College has at its heart a combination of Catholic values and a strong belief in the value of other faith traditions. In this community, where all are welcomed and respected, spirituality is nurtured and the logical extension of that spirituality—compassion and generosity—highly encouraged. At Carroll, Catholic social teachings are put into action. The result: an engaged student body committed to helping others as they carve out their own futures.

Practicing Spirituality

This is a place where we explore spirituality as individuals and as a community. Campus Ministry regularly provides diverse activities where students can ask questions and seek answers to matters of faith. Sunday Night Mass is a favorite tradition among the student body, when hundreds of worshippers of many faith traditions transform the campus center—the “Cube”—from its daytime function as a social hub into a place of reflective congregation. In addition, events like the yearly freshman retreat allow students to reflect on issues of spirituality together. Every residence hall has its own chapel as well, providing a quiet space amidst the lively community living environment.

Peer Ministers

Each year, 15 Peer Ministers carry on the tradition of fostering fellowship and goodwill on campus. Each Peer Minister lives within a residence hall as a resource to assist and counsel other students when needed. They also lead Bible studies, but these may not always take the “customary” form. Grace Steele, a senior majoring in elementary education from Wasougal, Washington, co-led a Bible study in which yarn and the Gospels intertwined. "Some of the girls were interested in doing crafts, so we taught everyone how to knit, and we would talk about the Gospels as we knit. We made quite a few scarves as a result and gave them to a local homeless shelter called 'God’s Love.'"


Search is a Carroll tradition taking place two or three times a year, a spiritual retreat sponsored by students for students and an opportunity for all participants to bond as they explore their faith together. The details of Search are rarely discussed, and that adds to the fun. But plain and simple, Search is something that Carroll students love.

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Faith Opportunities

Here are some of the ways that students can get involved on campus:

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